ZBrush 2021.6.6 is Available NOW

I’m basking in the excitement and only when the thrill is diminished will I download it.
It could be weeks.
The new features are a delight.
Bravo and a hug for all.

The toy box just got bigger :clinking_glasses:


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Thanks Pixo…brilliant update…the new mesh creation tools are the biggest creation update since z spheres. Phenomenal stuff

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Great update thanks, all features very useful. new Sticky Hotkey feature awesome when change draw size.

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Hi @Harald_Schott,
If you are on Win 10, then you should uninstall Zbrush, download the full installer and then reinstall Zbrush 2021.6.

Hi @Chrischan,
you can just release the hotkey (S) and it gonna acts like in previous version.
but there is no options to disable the Sticky keys.

Hi @Warloch and welcome on ZBC
Can you submit a ticket to the support, with the all information about the bug you encounter ?

Hi @veri , Pixologic is working on a fix for windows 7/8 users, stay tuned.

Hope it help!

the problem is that i set my intensity slider to alt-< (which on the german keyboard is directly next to the shift key)
now everytime i use this hotkey the draw panel pops into the right shelf.
an option to turn sticky on or off would be nice!! :slight_smile:

Hi again ,
I have taken the first advise uninstall Zbrush and download the full progam install from my licenses and install the version 2021.6. Now it works fine for now. Thanks a lot.

Another amazing FREE upgrade! It works flawlessly on my older MacBook running Big Sur. Thank you!

Thanks for “Sticky Keys” option for this update. I was having trouble using shortcuts.


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Cool, thx @aurick. Finally the Dots display mode works again well.

*lol But only one small thing i’ve still noticed:
On the old working of Dots Display Mode, I think to remember me, that no matter what of a color a subtool had filled, if the dots display mode was active (to show the dots/points and check it), the dots/points appared always white, during moving a subtool in the canvas and checking with this the points with the mode.

But now, if a subool has got color, the dots/points shows theirselves also colored, during the active Dots Display Mode. = With this the dots are more difficult to see and to check.

But I could also be wrong that this was the case before.

at least the mode works again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that.

thanks again for a great upgrade

with the announcement of the new ipad pro - is there a possibility of Zbrush or ZbrushCore coming as a native app to the ipad?

thank you

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Hi,how do you set your sticky keys?


When this first add in Zbrush, you could only change the settings but now,
I just closed.I’m not using sticky keys.

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VDM brushes in Sculptris Pro mode, NICE! Thanks Pixologic, love the frequent updates! :+1: