Dots Display Broken

The new features are usefully. Great and thx for it.
BUT: the Show Dots-Button (Dots Display), to show the dots of a mesh during move the model in the canvas, don’t works anymore correctly.
I hope you will fix it. I use this button very much during my works.

Hi @Sam_Mino. Please submit a diagnostic report to the Support team.


I thank you, for hearing me.
PS. You know,…I love the Dots Display very much.
Very helpful. :slight_smile:

I’ve found the bug:
If I activate the Dots-Display Button, also if it is activated, it don’t works.
The Dots don’t want show themeselves during moving my model in the canvas.
But if I keep the Ctrl Key, then the dots does show itself during moving my model.

And the second irony is too:
But when I deactivate then again the Dots-Display Button, but (after deactivated the Button) I hold the Ctrl Key again and keep it and I move in the same time the model, the Dots-Display Button is again still activated. *lol

Really strange.