ZBrush 2022.0.8 - Download Now!

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ZBrush 2022.0.8 is a FREE update for all registered ZBrush users (both perpetual licenses and subscriptions).

This update addresses issues discovered following the release of ZBrush 2022. It will be the final patch for ZBrush 2022.

2022.0.8 Update Notes


  • Bevel Pro error related to “Auto-apply” on macOS
  • Issue affecting multiple formats where meshes offset from center would import with an unexpected position.

Important update instructions

Maxon App Users

Do not use Update option in the Maxon App, as that would install ZBrush 2023. Instead, uninstall your current ZBrush 2022 version and then use the Maxon App to Install >> Other Versions >> 2022.0.8. Or download the ZBrush 2022.0.8 installer from the Downloads page at My.Maxon.net

Legacy Perpetual License Users

  • If you have installed ZBrush 2022, browse to its folder and use ZUpgrader to update your installation to the 2022.0.8 version.
    For some users, ZUpgrader may not work. If that happens, uninstall ZBrush 2022 and then download the full installer from My Licenses.
  • If you have not installed ZBrush 2022, download the full installer from My Licenses. ZUpgrader will not work.

2022.0.7 Update Notes


  • “Unsupported File Format” error with the Mac version of the Text 3D & Vector Shapes plugin.
  • Text 3D & Vector Shapes plugin: certain characters cause overlap in text.
  • Text 3D & Vector Shapes plugin: the use of certain characters causes error.
  • Text 3D & Vector Shapes plugin : Issue that would cause certain characters in some languages to repeat when used.
  • Geometry exported in .DAE format would not correctly import into Cinema 4D.
  • UVs not displaying correctly when imported in .ABC format.
  • Exporting extremely large files in GoZ format could result in broken UVs
  • Stager would not copy and paste the expected Home and Target stages in some situations.
  • Bevel Pro: Crash issue related to the “Generate Inner Part” setting.
  • Maxon App installation process would remove custom Macros stored in ZStartup/Macros/Misc when installing a new version over an existing installation.
  • Maxon App (Windows) installation process would remove GoZ application paths when installing a new version over an existing installation. It is still expected that GoZ application paths will need to be re-targeted after updating through the Maxon App on macOS.

Note Regarding Bevel Pro

In some situations, Bevel Pro may not reopen the ZBrush program window after clicking “OK” to send to ZBrush. However, the expected geometry should be present if the ZBrush program window is switched to manually.

2022.0.6 Update Notes


  • A problem preventing the W key from toggling between an active Deformer and Gizmo3D mode.
  • Mesh from Mask brushes now respect Transparency/Ghost mode when evaluating the surface
  • Crash with the Curve Alpha brushes when deleting a stroke
  • Issue preventing IMM brush set to vary between meshes from changing to the next mesh if Ctrl is held
  • Issue causing a mesh to split into separate pieces when a Sculptris Pro brush is used on a mesh partially hidden by the Selection Lasso
  • Alpha> Make3D now correctly sees the entire range of values in the alpha
  • Apply Displacement Map failures on meshes above a certain point count
  • IMM Multi-Curve ignoring the curve modifier profile when updating the stroke
  • Brushes could not overwrite polypaint with 100% white at 255, 255, 255 RGB values
  • Masking marquee preview not updating correctly in some situations when cycling modes with the Ctrl key.
  • ZBrush now respects RMB/LMB switching settings in warning pop-ups
  • Issue with Stager not keeping accurate form in certain situations
  • Issue with Stager not keeping accurate scale in certain situations
  • macOS: in file saving dialogs the format selection would not override a visible extension in the name field


  • Sculptris Pro mode is not intended to be used with the Contrast Target and Contrast Delta brushes. It has been disabled for those brushes.
  • USD export has been updated to improve Omniverse support: specifying Subdivision surface when Dynamic Subdivision is used in ZBrush and Mesh visibility when all subtools are exported.


  • GoZ support for Maya 2023 and 3DS Max 2023

2022.0.5 Update Notes

  • Fixed: Crash involving IM/IMM brushes and the Preferences >> Large Gizmo Icons feature.
  • Fixed: Crash affecting Windows users related to Spotlight Radius function.

2022.0.4 Update Notes

  • Added a switch for Gizmo buttons size to Preferences >> Gizmo 3D, allowing the user to revert to using small icons.

2022.0.3 Update Notes

  • Modified: Gizmo icons now 50% larger.
  • Modified: Strength of smoothing that takes place after alt-drag when cleaning topology curves is now dependent on the Stroke/CurveFunctions/Curve Smoothness slider.
  • Modified: ZCameras will now store up to 256 cameras.
  • Modified: Separate TransPose falloff controls for Gizmo and Action Lines.
  • Modified: Improved BevelPro bevel results with additional control options.
  • Modified: Smoothness option was added in the Bevel Pro Advance options
  • Modified: BevelPro now supports chamfering
  • Modified: BevelPro: Beveling supports inner boolean parts to fill holes.
  • Modified: Bevel Pro: Bevel/Chamfer operands feature polygroup separation.
  • Modified: BevelPro: Edge fixing is more aggressive.
  • Modified: BevelPro: When Auto Apply is enabled, edges are fixed in result as well.
  • Modified: BevelPro: Flipped meshes are respected.
  • Modified: BevelPro: Polish by groups respects masking.
  • Modified: BevelPro: Improved mesh rendering inside BevelPro.
  • Fixed: issue related to XMD hotkey.
  • Fixed: MultiMapExporter Layers Option.
  • Fixed: ZBrush to Photoshop 3D Layers issue.
  • Fixed: Knife brush with Brush radius option generating odd geometry
  • Fixed: KnifeCurve does not produce the expected results with BRadius and sharp angle cuts.
  • Fixed: Crash when Space Mouse is used to zoom in too far.
  • Fixed: Crash related to BevelPro when ZBrush is set to certain languages.
  • Fixed: DLL error preventing ZBrush from running on Windows 7.

2022.0.2 Update Notes

  • Fixed: Issue in Mac version of program when using brush based surface noise set to “Local Projection Mode.
  • Fixed: Brushes of the SnakeHook type now remember Dynamic Brush size setting when “Remember Dynamic Mode Per Brush is enabled” and Sculptris Pro mode is not enabled.
  • Fixed: Gizmo Manipulator influence is now infinite when rotating if the Focal Shift is -100
  • Fixed: Focal Shift reset to zero when exporting certain file formats
  • Fixed: Script error when attempting to send to BevelPro while a texture map is selected.
  • Fixed: Axis flipping sometimes occurred with BevelPro.
  • Fixed Gizmo Focal Shift set to zero with some plugins.
  • Fixed: issue related to Stager with 2D planar geometry

Please see our Knowledgebase Article for detailed instructions on how to upgrade, based upon your license type and current version number.

2022.0.1 Update Notes

  • Modified Gizmo3D so that fall-off is also available when using the Gizmo on 3D primitives AND when using the Gizmo with deformers. For example, if you test the Deformer/Deformer Soft/Deformer Hard you’ll see that the deformed points will not move/scale/rotate when respecting the fall-off setting.

  • Fixed display issue after using Move brush.

  • Fixed Adjust Last not working when assigned to a hotkey.

  • Fixed crash the Gizmo on the primitive before it’s converted into a PolyMesh.

  • Fixed missing Image Plane plugin on Windows.

  • Fixed FBX import of meshes/cameras with duplicate names.

  • Fixed HomePage “no connection” display screen.

ZBrush 2022 FEATURES

Enhance your ZBrush experience with these additions:

Bas Relief

Create embossed surfaces in stunning detail with the new Bas Relief features in ZBrush. Position your model as desired and project all visible meshed into the selected mesh.

Load any model and create a Bas Relief alpha from camera view to be used to create raised sections of detail that closely resemble the results of traditional relief sculpture.

Bevel Pro

The new Bevel Pro plugin allows you to create complex bevels for meshes at any resolution without low-poly modeling. Suitable for meshes of medium-to-high resolution, Bevel Pro allows you to use masking and PolyGroups to determine exactly which edges to bevel. Adjust and preview your results non-destructively, and even create your bevels as separate sections of geometry for use with Live Boolean.

Note: On Windows, Bevel Pro requires a video card supporting Vulkan 1.1 or above. On macOS it requires Metal, which is automatic with OSX 10.14 and later but may not be supported on machines running earlier operating systems. If your card does not meet this requirement, Bevel Pro will not work but the rest of the ZBrush 2022 feature set will still be available to you.


Brushes now support dual alphas and textures, allowing you to transition between the two based on the pen pressure of your stroke. Create striking blends of color and detail with this versatile new feature!

Brush Surface Noise with Local Projection

Apply any image, graphical noise or noise presets to a brush for local sculptural surface noise details. Use Brush Size or pen pressure sensitivity to adjust the noise scale on the fly. Local Projection will give a unique way to reapply any noise by position of the brush. This feature shines when creating environment pieces or applying skin details.

SubTool Alignment

Instantly redistribute multiple SubTools, or the geometry within a single SubTool with a single button press. Similar to alignment features found in other programs, you can now align meshes to the left, right or center, and by the top or bottom edges.

KnifeCircle & KnifeSquare

The new Knife brushes now support the Circle and Rectangle stroke types. Cut through meshes cleanly with these tools where the resulting cut accurately reflects the stroke.

Enhanced Stroke Interpolation

The Stroke Interpolation feature can now use ZIntensity, Brush Size, RGB Intensity, and Front and Back Colors to transition between strokes with a set number of steps. Create dazzling blends and intricate patterns of color and detail between two strokes on the surface of your mesh.

Other Additions

  • Stager now has a Copy/Paste option.
  • Stager now has an Interpolate option.
  • Edge Detect option added to Spotlight allows users to interactively highlight the edges of an image for various effects.
  • Visibility Sets: Store up to 8 Sets of your SubTools in different visibility configurations.
  • ScribeStandard and ScribeChisel brushes added. They both take advantage of the Curve Sub-Steps slider.
  • Gizmo can apply soft deformation with its falloff adjusted by Focal Shift.
  • FBX will now import images with camera angles. Ideal when using photogrammetry or image planes from other applications.
  • Deformation actions from the Deformation menu can now affect multiple SubTools simultaneously with the Gizmo Multi-Select option.
  • Dynamesh Resolution can now be sampled directly from a mesh on the canvas by dragging from its slider to target mesh polygons.
  • Added a Mask By Depth function to mask the model based on each point’s distance from the camera.
  • Added a Mask By Normals function that will mask polygons that do not directly face the camera.

Complete Notes


  • Secondary alpha to all brushes.
  • Secondary texture to all brushes.
  • Two test scribe-brushes “ScribeStandard” and “ScribeChisel.”
  • “Interpolate” feature to the Stager palette.
  • BevelPro plugin to add bevels to medium-to-high resolution meshes.
  • Bas-Relief feature to Tool >> Geometry sub-palette.
  • Bas-Relief feature to Alpha Palette
  • Local projection feature to brush surface noise. Added two sample brushes ‘Pattern01’ and ‘Pattern02’.
  • “Open XMD Toolbox” to File palette.
  • 8 visibility sets to SubTools.
  • “DynaMesh Resolution Picker”
  • “Align” and “Distribute” features to SubTools. When Multiple subtools are visible, ZBrush will do alignment/distribution between subtools. If only one SubTool is visible (or when in Solo mode) then ZBrush will apply the alignment/distribution of the currently selected tool only.
  • Edge-Detection filter to Spotlight.
  • Copy and Paste functions to Stager.
  • Texture Grab flat or shaded options.
  • Gizmo soft deformation, adjusted with Focal Shift.
  • KnifeRect and KnifeCircle brushes
  • Rename and Do Visible >> Copy/Paste Stager options to SubTool Master
  • Mask by Normals and Mask by Depth to Tool >> Masking sub-palette


  • The curves stepping code and added a slider that controls sub-steps in the stroke palette.
  • The curve drawing code to auto-apply the stroke when the stroke type is drag-dot.
  • The basic deformations (such as scale, offset…) now respect transform-MultiSelection mode.
  • FBX Import to load Camera background images when available.
  • Draw >> Cameras with options to load images and change model opacity.
  • “Align” and “Distribute” subtools respect transform-MultiSelection mode;
  • ‘AdjustLast stroke’ will now skip simple mesh movement
  • Improved the Stroke-Interpolate to also interpolate Brush Size, Z Intensity, RGB Intensity, Front Color, and Back Color.
  • When creating a mesh from alpha, planar UV will now auto-apply.
  • Make BasRelief will also grab the texture at the same time.
  • Using “To Mesh” from alpha will auto-apply any selected texture as polypaint.
  • Brush noise now respects ZSub/ZAdd mode. (Previous versions were only ZAdd modes).


  • A problem related to “Adjust Last” feature and Undo
  • Crash with “Deformer”
  • When multi-curve brushes are used with inserted meshes, editing one stroke smooths the others.
  • Issue with saving and loading iMage3d Gif format on macOS.
  • Typo in warning pop-up.
  • Timeline track time numbers not displaying correctly.
  • Improved Image Plane to handle higher resolution meshes distorting background images.


If you have any issues with upgrading or with the new features, please post in ZBrush Help & Support or start a Support conversation. Please note that account and login issues can only be handled via a Support conversation.

Happy ZBrushing!!


Insane Super satisfying upgrade!!!


Early Christmas !!! :star_struck: :sunglasses: :+1: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:!!!

Great upgrade, thanks Pixologic !!! :+1: :sunglasses: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:

It just keeps getting better and better! You’ve done it again, Pixo!

Will ZBrush ever improve their tools for placing curves and straps?

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the bend curve modifier is a great way to do straps. the only issue is that it resets the modifier sometimes and you`ll lose the curve but if you already got everything in place its not too big of a burden.

I wish their normal curves had the same functionality where you could dynamically change the resolution and have control points that would persist on it and where you can scale /twist on the control point

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Awesome !!! : :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :star2:: :star2:: :star2:: :star2:: :star2:
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Thank you for this great updated ZBrush! :smiley: :+1:

Downloaded 2022, tried to install, then got warning overwriting previous
2022 may cause problems.

Then read the instructions again and see, “For ZBrush 2022 users, go to your ZBrush folder and run ZUpgrader”.

So, be sure to read the instructions carefully. :wink:

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Delighted that the default behaviour for the transpose line with regard focal shift behaviour has been returned :+1:

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Dear Maxon,

I recently downloaded the new Zbrush update 0.3. I’m on a windows computer that meets all requirements. This is the first time, I am not able to install the current version. Also, turned off antivirus software with no luck of installing. Can a Zbrush user guide me on what could be the issue? I do have 0.2. installed on my computer. Actually, I uninstalled .0.2. version and, reinstalled without any issues. The downloaded Zbrush.exe file for the new version is not creating the ZUpgrader.exe. file to install the new 0.3.

Thank you for your assistance.


It sounds like you downloaded the full installer from My Licenses and tried to install that over 2022.0.2. As stated on the upgrade instructions page, this won’t work. You either need to uninstall and then reinstall or go to your ZBrush 2022 folder and use ZUpgrader to update your current installation.

I can confirm this issue as a recurring issue.

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Thanks for the update!

Unfortunately the link is dead for me. Getting redirected to a blank page.
Tryed with different browsers already.

Thanks in advance for any hint!

Edit: Its Back!

Dear Aurick,

Thank you for replying to my message. I sent an email to support and, Will (Support Associate), guided me through the process. Worked like a “Charm.”

Thank you again.


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