Gizmo Icon Size in 2022.0.3

  • “Modified: Gizmo icons now 50% larger.”

Without the chance to choose the size one want to work with. Now I have to work with these huge icons that clutter my screen and that were not necessary at all. Why would you do that?

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Is there a way to make the Gizmo3D icons small again? like they were in the previous version?

I agree, the previous size for the Gizmo tools was better :slight_smile: I didn’t find any preference to revert.
Side note, the installer slideshow is way too fast. Too bad as the artworks are (as always) amazing!

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Good news! I checked and there is indeed a new patch that is being worked on which will allow you to choose the preferred size of the Gizmo icons.

Thank you for the feedback.


Great! But what happened to the incremental rotation with the Gizmo?
I had to go back to 2022.02 just so that I could rotate a set of eyes -5 degrees when holding down shift; in .0.3/,0.4, the increments are now 22.5 degree increments; before that update, holding down shift gave you increments of 5 degrees!
Is there a new setting I’m oblivious to or will we be getting 2022.0.5 tomorrow? :weary:

Hi @Erwin0340

I have 2022.0.4 and Rotation with Shift is 5 degree increments. I’m on PC.
Check Preferences:Transpose:Rotation Steps. This is the number of steps in 90 degrees (not 360 as stated in the help). The default is 18 i.e. 5 degree steps. Change to any integer number of steps you want.

Brilliant! Mine was set on 4; hence the 22.5 degree increments.
I have never had this change before on any install in the past which is why I thought it could be another glitch.
Thank you - now I can go back to 2022.0.4 again.
Well, I was right; there was a setting I was oblivious to… lol.