Crash after update to 2022.0.4

Update 2022.04 and…crash!
Crash when switch from brush to gizmo!
EX: insert mesh, gizmo…crash!



Please start a Support conversation at https://support.pixologic.com.

Be sure to include a Diagnostic Report

I can replicate @littleball3d 's issue on my end.

Using insert mesh or curve brushes, then pressing W to switch to gizmo crashes ZBrush.
I can even switch to a sculpting brush or select a different subtool and still ZBrush will crash when I press W (if at one point curve or insert mesh brush has been used).

@littleball3d I’ve found a temporary workaround:

If you disable the large gizmo icons option the crashing doesn’t occur anymore.

However, the option reset it self to enabled the first time I stored the configuration file. The second time around I stored it it stayed disabled and I get no more crashes.

hope this helps

PS: I’ll submit this as a support ticket


Thanks!!! Works!!! :smiley:

No problem @littleball3d
PS: My Italian is way better than I thought :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Had the same issue, Thanks for the fix @RafalZ

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Hi @aurick , I’ve added the diagnostic report to my ticket.

Having the same issue.

Simply disable the new Preferences >> Gizmo 3D setting for large icons. This will resolve the issue until the bug can be fixed.


Hi, I’m getting crashes when I use IMM brushes after moving with gizmo.
Is there a fix to this?

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