Plugin Availability for ZBrush 2022

Plug in question:


the additional plugins ZBrush 2021 are not downloadable,
or should they still be updated for 2022?

The additional plugins have not been updated yet for 2022. They should be available some time next week. In the meantime, you can try them if you wish (though some may cause problems, so at your own risk). I notice in Chrome that pressing the “Download” button doesn’t work but you can download the file OK if you right-click on the button and choose “Save Link As”.

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I’ll be waiting as well. Note that the Download button works in Firefox BUT either Chrome or Firefox won’t download anything because of a security alert. So you have to go ahead and tell it to retrieve the file anyway (which is annoying). I’m so glad I’m not a webmaster anymore lol

I wanted to try a plugin that I’ve had unchecked at install before, without having to reinstall Zbrush completely… unfortunately you can’t uncheck Zbrush at install, so… yeah x)
Also some silly thing with the installer: Let’s say you want to install only 1 plugin, well you can’t uncheck the whole ‘Plug-ins’ list then check the only one you want; you have the check the list and uncheck everything else one by one. The little annoying things are adding up…