ZBrush 2019.1 - Now Available!

ZBrush 2019.1 is now available as a FREE update for all users. We strongly recommend upgrading at the earliest opportunity.

It includes several new features as well as a number of enhancements or fixes within both the ZBrush feature set and various plugins. Please see the list below for more information.

Feature additions

ZBrush 2019.1 introduces several additions to both improve workflow and enhance your ZBrush experience:

  • A new split mode, which isolates the current SubTool from all others, displaying them on separate sides of the screen. See it in action with the video below!
  • A Screensaver has been added which (after a predefined amount of time) will display curated images straight from the ZBrushCentral.com community. Unlike your operating system screensaver, this one will only affect the ZBrush application window.
  • A new “Groups Intersection” mode has been added to the Smooth Brush Modifiers.
  • GoZ has been updated with support for Adobe Photoshop® 2019, Autodesk Maya 2019 and Autodesk 3DS Max 2020.
  • The FBX format now supports up to 64 cameras at import and export. Imported cameras are listed in the Camera selection list in the Draw palette. FBX will now support up to FBX 2019.


Several plugins have been updated to support 2019 additions as well as for stability and performance improvements:

  • SubTool Master, with a new Show Hidden Points function.
  • ZAppLink
  • Scale Master
  • 3D Print Hub, with better handling of large STL files and support for more STL formats on import.
  • Intersection Masker
  • FBX Import/Export
  • ZBrush to Photoshop
  • ZColor
  • Decimation Master
  • Image Plane


Below are some of the improvements or behavior changes made with ZBrush 2019.1:

  • A pop-up message is now displayed when exiting Edit mode, asking for confirmation.
  • SubTool folders now support Move Up and Move Down functions.
  • SnapShot 3D with reference images will no longer apply a DynaMesh Boolean process. (Pressing ‘Sub’ is now required for the SpotLight image to be cut out of the DynaMesh surface.)
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts for macOS to now create a Folder with Command+F.
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts for macOS to go full screen with Command+Ctrl+F rather than creating a new folder.
  • Saving and loading files across a network have been improved.

Stability and Fixes:

Several issues raised by our users or beta testers have been fixed in the 2019.1 release:

  • Ctrl+Shift brushes no longer jump when holding Space Bar.
  • Assigning a hotkey now gives a warning if the hotkey is already in use.
  • Snapshot 3D snapping points now respects canvas Zoom.
  • Support has been added for .jpeg and .tiff image file extensions.
  • Total Points Count display has been improved.
  • Improved Boolean generation.
  • Crease Level slider will update results when Dynamic Subdivision is enabled.
  • Dots display mode is now disabled when Transparency mode is active.
  • Improved stability of the Surface Noise editor.
  • Improved stability when switching rapidly between Edit and Move modes.

How to Update:

For users with serial numbers including subscription licenses, there are three methods that you can use:

  1. Close ZBrush, then browse to its folder on your computer. Run the ZUpgrader application that you will find there. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the update.

  2. Download the updater application for either Windows or macOS. Place this application in your ZBrush 2019 folder before running it. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. Uninstall ZBrush 2019 and delete its folder. Then log into My Licenses where you will be able to download the stand-alone ZBrush 2019.1 installer. (Click the button to “Download ZBrush 2019” – it will now give the 2019.1 stand-alone installer.) Run that to reinstall ZBrush, then (if requested) activate it again.

For floating license users, please have your IT team submit a Support ticket to receive the update instructions.


A new ZBrush 2019.1 Support category has now been created here at ZBC. Please use that to post any questions or issues that you might have. We recommend a separate topic for each item, since that will leverage the capabilities of the new ZBC.

Happy ZBrushing!


Thanks Pixologic Team!

Thanks Pixo, split-screen :metal:

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It would have been nice if split screen was more like every other 3d package and allowed us to move the camera independently in each view.
As it is the use case is seems very niche.


I also thought split screen was independently controlled maybe like zooming in on a subtool on one side and seeing the whole model on the other zoomed out while making changes including the selected subtool.


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Nice update, thank you Pixologic!

It would be nice to further improve this feature and have the ability to see the selected subtool in both views, so we can have every visible subtool in one side (included the one selected) and the selected subtool isolated on the other side. Also having one of the views not follow the camera movement would make for an amazing tool!

Thank you once again!


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Thanks Pixo!

It’s always great to have something new from you :smiley:

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Amazing! Any prediction for the peel UV plugin?

Nice! Thanks Pixologic. I’m especially happy with high-DPI screen support for Surface Noise. :+1:

I totally second this! Would be great for sculpting on a body and checking on the other side if the body doesn’t pierce through clothing. Or to sculpt and check in the other view how it looks from a different angle.

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Thanks Pixo. :slight_smile:
Had hoped for the new UV tool in this update.

Awesome!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for the awesome gift Pixologic team!

I hope they will do that…I asked the similar feature to Pixologic.I hope they ll update Splitscreen feature as you mentioned. Like this it doesnt make me to much sense, I can have this feature with solo mode as well.