Make Boolean Mesh no longer works

I just upgraded to 2019.1 and for some reason, Make Boolean Mesh no longer works. I initially thought it was my model so I closed out, restarted, and just made two spheres to intersect with each other. Still didn’t work. Tried subtraction, union, nothing.

Is anyone else having this issue or am I really doing something wrong?

No problems here. Works for me.

This looks like a problem with the Mac version only. We are looking into it.

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Ahhhhhhhhh, glad to know I’m not the only one! I should have mentioned that I’m on a Mac in my initial post.

same here - live boolean works when LB button is activated - but Make Boolean Mesh - with or without subdivision calculation does not result in a new generated subtool anymore in 2019.1

osx 10.13.6 (high sierra)

I’m sure (hope :slight_smile: there will be a fix for it soon. I´ll never learn to wait a little longer when new updates come out :wink:

nevertheless, thank you Pixologic for a new update.

This issue is only affecting Mac users. We will as soon as possible be updating the various installers with a fix so that new installations won’t be affected.

For anyone who has already installed 2019.1 on the Mac and is having this issue, please download the updater from HERE and place it in your ZBrushOSX 2019.1 folder. After it has been placed in that folder, run it to update your installation.

It is important that you place the patcher in your ZBrushOSX 2019.1 folder before you try to run it. Otherwise, it won’t be able to find ZBrush to apply the patch.

Note: This is only necessary for people who installed the Mac version before the afternoon of 5/23. All freshly downloaded installations – whether using the ZUpgrader or the full installer – already have the patch applied.

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Thank you for the quick turnaround!!!

this is what I mean:

which company reacts within 24hrs and gives a fix for their users when there is a problem ?

thank you aurick & the Pixologic team - you’re awesome

thank you. cosmic ollie


It seems that download of Update patch fails. (0KB)
Please fix it.

Please try again. Thanks!

Figure it out before release. Time is money.

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