Updates Available for ZBrush and ZBrushCore

We have now released updates for both ZBrush 2020.1 and ZBrushCore 2020, bringing ZBrush to version 2020.1.1 and ZBrushCore to 2020.1.2.

Here’s what’s inside:


  • Fixed: Additional edit point added when holding Spacebar with any brush that makes use of the Ctrl+Shift combination. For example: Select Lasso, Clip brushes, Trim brushes, and CreaseCurve.
  • Some minor adjustments to internal ZBrush functions.



  • Minor adjustments to internal ZBrushCore functions.
  • Added: Preferences > TransPose slider to allow control of Gizmo & TransPose line angle snapping when holding the Shift key.


  • Fixed: Additional edit point added when holding Spacebar with the SelectLasso brush.
  • Fixed: ZBrush UI - Mac Finder Blurry Text & Icons.
  • Fixed: Custom UI not loading at launch.
  • Fixed: Text box working in Japanese Windows with button Size set to <= 41.
  • Fixed: Translated UI that cut SubTool info off in Japanese / Korean languages.
  • Fixed: Size Sliders causing crash after changing size of a Project then reloading the Project.
  • Fixed: Bracket ( ] ) increase draw size hotkey was broken (MacOS).
  • Fixed: Ghost SubTool names would remain when loading another project.
  • Fixed: Symmetry icons updating when switching from Local Symmetry to World Symmetry.
  • Fixed: Improved Mac fans issue on macOS.
  • Updated: Some minor adjustments to internal ZBrush functions
  • Updated: The Menus button has been placed back into the ZBrush UI.
  • Updated: Lasso Select brush will allow a larger selection.
  • Updated: Size Sliders will only update if Enter is pressed.
  • Updated: Button Size Clips UI clipping (MacOS) with very large button size(>90).
  • Updated: When renaming SubTools the first letter will no longer be capitalized automatically.
  • Plugin Updates:
    • ExportImport
      • Improved support for more than one display on macOS
    • 3D Print Hub
      • Updated 3DPrintHubAbout.PSD file

How to Update from version 2020 or 2020.1

There are two methods for upgrading to this newest version. Please use the one that you prefer.

  1. Browse to your ZBrush or ZBrushCore folder. There, run the ZUpgrader application. This will download the patcher. When it completes, just follow the on-screen instructions to install. Alternatively:
  2. Uninstall your current version, then log into your account on My Licenses. There you will see the option to download the 2020.1 installer. This will give the 2020.1.1 version.

Note for Floating License customers: Server managed licenses (aka floating) cannot be updated by either of these methods. Please have your IT manager submit a Support ticket and include one of your existing license files. We will reply with upgrade instructions.

How to Upgrade from Earlier Versions

If you have ZBrush 4.x or the original release of ZBrushCore you will need to upgrade your license before you can download the 2020.1.1 installer. Lot into your account at My Licenses and go to the appropriate tab (either ZBrush or ZBrushCore). There you will see a blue Upgrade button. Click that and follow the on-screen instructions. Once upgraded you will have a new serial number and will then be able to download the 2020.1.1 installer directly from My Licenses.

Thank you!


Aurick podrias pasarme un correo, un sitio web o lo que sea para poder mandar ideas a ver si las implementan en zbrush n,n

Feature suggestions need to be submitted via Support ticket. Thanks!

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Ugh! Why do these updates always destroy Custom User Interface layouts? Every time I have to redo half the button layout. Annoying.

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