ZBrushCore 2020 - Available NOW

Pixologic is pleased to announce that ZBrushCore 2020 is now available! This new version includes updates and bug fixes as well as additional features that had only been previously available in ZBrush:

  • Sculptris Pro - A dynamic tessellation sculpting workflow that eliminate the constraints of polygon distribution and just – sculpt! Sculptris Pro makes it possible for you to begin with any shape or model, whether it has ten polygons or ten thousand. There is no need to worry about having enough polygons to capture details. Sculptris Pro will dynamically add and reduce polygons wherever and whenever it’s needed, freeing you to focus entirely on the look you’re trying to achieve.
  • Real-Time Silhouette View - Turn on a picture-in-picture window that displays your model’s silhouette in real-time, or see how it “reads” from a distance.
  • Cam View - Always know how your model sits relative to XYZ space. Includes one-click buttons for snapping to orthagonal views.
  • SubTool Folders - Speed up your productivity with this efficient folder system. Far more than an organizational tool, this feature also makes it possible to apply a number of actions to all contained meshes at once!
  • Universal Camera - Artists can now precisely match the focal length of imported photographs and 3D renders. This feature offers complete control over Focal Length, Crop Factor and more. It also supports undo and redo of camera movements. There is even storage of various camera settings, making it easier than ever to find that perfect final composition.
  • ZeeZoo - Mannequins have gone wild, with a library of animal figures to help you compose scenes of all kinds.

How to purchase

New users can purchase ZBrushCore 2020 directly through our online store.

  • Perpetual licensing is available for $179.95 USD and guarantees free upgrades for one year from date of purchase, with the potential for additional free upgrades beyond that point at Pixologic’s discretion. (To date, we have never charged for an upgrade.)
  • Subscription licensing is also now available at a price of $9.95 USD per month. Subscriptions automatically renew each month until canceled. Cancel at any time. Free upgrades are guaranteed for as long as the subscription remains active.

How to Upgrade

If you already have a license for ZBrushCore or ZBrushCore 2018 then this new version is a free upgrade for you! All upgrades are done through our My Licenses page, but the exact steps will depend on your ZBrushCore version:

  • ZBrushCore 2018 - Simply click the blue button to “Download ZBrushCore 2020.” You do not need to upgrade your license. Just download the new version and install. If prompted for activation, do so using your Pixologic ID (the same login that you use for My Licenses).
  • ZBrushCore - If you do not see a button to download ZBrushCore 2020 then you must first upgrade your license. Do this by clicking the blue “Upgrade to ZBrushCore 2020” button. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete this free upgrade. Once you have done so, My Licenses will have a new section that includes the “Download ZBrushCore 2020” button. Click that button to download and install ZBrushCore 2020. When first launching the program you will be asked for activation. Do this using your Pixologic ID (the same login that you use for My Licenses).

Moving up to ZBrush

As powerful as ZBrushCore is, its feature set is still just a sample of what ZBrush itself can do. When you feel that you’re ready to take your art to the next level, we have multiple paths by which you can move up to ZBrush. Click here for more information.


A ZBrushCore 2020 Support category has been created here at ZBC. Please use that to post any questions or issues you might have. We recommend a separate topic for each item, since that will leverage the capabilities of the new ZBC.

Happy Sculpting! :):grin:


This is a nice little Christmas treat for us Zbrush Core users. Thanks Pixologic. :gift:

Loving the update. Any chance we will get retopo tools or a way to pose/rig multiple subtools (transpose master?) in a future update? Save us having to jump in and out of Blender.