Updates Available for ZBrush and ZBrushCore

I agree It would be nice to have some updated Features. Especially in lockdown and with all going on in hard times. It was exciting to see and update, and a let down to see nothing new.

2020.1.3 was by far the most unstable version of Zbrush I have used to date, kept crashing constantly for the smallest operations. Really hoping this version has addressed these issues as for me its basically unusable!

This update is also meaningless, I hope to strengthen and improve the topology and UV development, more convenient to use. Topology and exhibition UV also stopped three years ago.

It is really laggy if I pan/zoom on the canvas. If I use the buttons on the gui, it is okay. I think this is a bug.

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I can confirm. I am experiencing the same problem @dddstudio. Rotating, panning, zooming is laggy but not if I am using buttons on UI. Something is wrong, didnt happened in previous version. I have contacted support.

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Thanks for confirming. I have also reported it.

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