Who is this guy?

I’ve no idea who this guy is but This is a very expressive character!
It goes strait to my 3d reference folder.

What was your intention doing this guy? Are you planning to do more with him or just do something else?

thelucky, I have no real plans for this guy He just started out as something to keep myself entertained while I was waiting for a phone call . I had a little free time after dinner last night and worked on his detail some this side which was pretty much detail free on the color render.
again thanks everyone,
mm wdetail.jpg

Details look aweome :slight_smile:


Extraordinary control of the tool and command of the detail. Would it be possible to post an image of your mesh in the same pose and compostition as the last picture?



I always get scared of attempting so much detail. But you make me wanna try. :slight_smile: Great work, as always!


As usual an outstanding piece ! In the last image it looks like a subtle cavity shader was used on the pores - I’d love to be able to get that kind of result with my shaders.

Just to add another old school opinion to the mix…there was an old unmade film project that I recall from my younger fangoria-toting days that you built a small animatronic troll/ ogre/ (?) for. That immediately came to mind when I saw the last few textured examples.

Thanks !

This has been killing me! The model immediately reminded me of an actor…and I had a clear mental picture of him, but for the life of me, I coudln’t remember what he was in! I finally got it. James Gregory from an old tv show called “Barney Miller”.


MM, it’s fantastic how you have done the inner eyelids !!

no word man, you aways get it right on button :slight_smile: :+1:

:grimacing: really impressive details, the understanding of human features is phenominal!! i also like the slight characture look, really really impressive model!!

Richard Nixon, except for the cigar. Beautifully detailed, by the way, MM.

I came kinda late here, but the first WIP shot reminded me of ol’ Borlis Karloff, in the 1932 “The Mummy” movie… Same pose, eyes looking to the same direction, face looked alike, except the arabian hat. :slight_smile:

But the result proved me wrong. :slight_smile:

Excellent work, even if the skin seems a bit red compared to the character’s age. Details and pores are perfect. Congrats Monstermaker. :slight_smile:

Bye !

great image!!! fantastic!!!

Now for the important matters.

Unfortunately this bastard reminds me of someone.
I can see the man in my minds eye.
Since we are about the same age, you will not think
me talking dirty when I say I think he is a character actor from
the thirties. Am uploading a photo of someone (not him, same genre)
Favor, if you ever think who he reminds you of. Post it.
Have gone through a lot of photos of character actors during the
past two days and can’t find him.
Just curious if same guy.
(See movie, recognize actor, spend the rest of movie trying to remember where I saw him before.)
Again great image, but…


Lee Marvin.

Hi Rick! cool!. for me it was Walter Mathau too. (the following pic is from Kruger)

that’s funny cause I remember making a sculpture drawing one day and I realized after that it was looking like Walter Mathau too!

Did you do the pores details by bump mapping or displacement?WALTER-MATHAU.jpg

Amazing, 5 stars from me. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Fantastic work! I think that you should do this exercise again in terms of seeing what everyone comes up with in terms of who the sculpt refers to- the diversity of responses is fascinating! Personally I immediately thought of Leonard Nimoy :smiley:


Boy I’m really having fun hearing who you all think this guy looks like and again I say I can see all of them in him.
jkushwara; you are right it does look a lot like the troll that I did back in 1981, which is probably before most of the guys that post on this forum were born. when I was putting the detail on this guy last night I was just doing it out of my head in other words not using reference. I can see that I haven’t changed that much In twenty four years. I’ll include photos of the troll
Again thanks everyone for the stars and nice comments


Maybe I didn’t read carefully enough but I didn’t see an answer.
Who is it?
Or is it all of them because it really isn’t anybody, just built off your old model?

Anyway it looks cool enough.
Somehow there aren’t enough creepy older character actors anymore.

edit, apologies

>>I can see that I haven’t changed that much In twenty four years.

Wow you can really see how your understanding of all the forms hold true through the years. I really see it in the ears, out of all the variations ears can have, they are almost Identical. I have noticed this in many of the great masters works.

When I first saw the post, I also thought that it looked like the model you did of your father, I think it was the sacks under the eyes that are so characteristic and unique to the original.

Great work as always.

Chris Reid