Who is this guy?

Hi , I was messing around this morning, while waiting for a phone call that was going to determine what I was going to do today, and knocked out this guy. It by no means finished but at this stage he reminded me of someone or something and I’m not sure what. Does an body have any idea on who or what he looks like? I’m trying to decide if I should finish him.
mm wierdoldguy.jpg

Either a character actor from the 30"s who’s name
escapes me or the guy behind the counter at Dunkin Doughnuts.
Finish him anyway. By the time you are done the call will come through.
Best of luck.
Edit: a mean Eric Blore?

I don’t know why but it reminds me of a Leonard Nemoy (sp?) charicature…Whomever it is, its quality work. Thanks for keeping us inspired. Even us old noobs. :wink:


Reminds me a bit of this guy from bullitt:

He reminds me that I’ll probably never be able to wait for a phone call and “knock something” like this out. Awesome as always!! :smiley:

hmm, looks like … you ?

Looks a bit like Sir John Gielgud to me, but with a normal nose :smiley:

looks a bit like Hume Cronyn to me




Milton Berle meets Ronald Reagan?

The guy from the Metallica Enter Sandman video.sandman.jpg

Hmmm to Me. He looks like a really really mean Dwight D. Eisenhower :slight_smile: :+1:

I know! I know! This is an old guy that lives close to my home! I saw him today in the morning :smiley:

Good job so far, as always.

Hi, MM. The face brings to mind a voice as the Narrator of 1953 ‘War of the Worlds’,…Sir Cedrick Hardwick?? If I’m way off I claim lack of sleep. :smiley: 50.

Sort of an Eisenhower crossed with Jack Elam (character actor in a lot of Westerns etc)

He sort of looks familiar to me too, but I can’t place him. When I see the picture, I picture someone with a deep, gravelly voice that sounds like someone that’s been smoking too much, if that helps.

He has an older Lee Marvin quality.

it reminds me of your father. looks alot like that image of him you posted, which was extremely awsome btw

The mouth and chin are Brezhnev all the way.

Reminds me of Lon Chaney Jr