Who is this guy?

Hi ,It’s funny I can see all of these guys mentioned,with the exception of me, other than the one eyebrow raised. This happens a lot of times when I do a make-up it will remind me of someone but , I’m not sure who. Anyways, I got my phone call I don’t have to leave so I’ll work on him more . Here is a little up date
mm wierdold2.jpg

The expression reminds me of don rickles, even though it doesn’t look like him. He would make a great clown though.

Funny character.
It come from the mesh of your father?
Bercause it look a little bite like this mesh(a lot of changes of course).
It is so good be able to use and reuse mesh to play and have fun, isn´t?

All the best, Arturo

I have to agree it looks like a younger Lee Marvin to me as well. I love that ‘what the hell do ya want’ look he has. Mind you he also has a look of the old bloke from the old tv series la femme nikita as well. Are you aiming for a full zbrush render for this in final or planning on using an outside app?


Very cool character, looking forward to more.miller.jpg

Andre Pousse :roll_eyes:


Hi Mr. Rick looks fantastic , i dont know who is but is very good , i think would be very interesting to see Lugosi as Dracula from you , hope one day you decide to do it.

good look


When I saw the thumbnail, I knew it was yours. Thanks again for sharing your work. He looks a little like the model of your father around the eyes. When I saw him at first I thought “who is that, I know him”. I can’t put my finger on it though. Makes me think of the old B&W gangster movies.

He looks like Jerry Orbach

i like your style, the facial expression is top. :+1:

Heya Rick,
Reminds me of Leonard Nemoy or Bones from star trek.

Hi, It was kind of fun to hear who you all thought this guy looks like. The funny thing is you all seem right. I worked on this more today but had a frustrating time my old pal ZBrush didn’t seem to want me to finish him. Lots of crashes today and all kind of strange things that never have happened before.I was planning on doing a bang up job of texturing this guy, but got mad with the crashes so spent more time playing with shaders and colors. This is a ZBrush render , well actually several different ZBrush renders combined in Photoshop, the bg ,eyes, and cigar are done in photoshop. I think I stop on this guy now at least for today. Hope you like him.
mm who am I .jpgthumbnail01.jpeg

amazing!! top row now!!

Alex Oliver

Funny, I saw this in the tumbnail and new it was something from you right away, youve estableshed a great style in z-brush.

this is a great character, really like it alot. hes got that realisit/cartoony look that I love to see.

reminds me of someone tremendously as well, I think its kind of that "tipical old guy in his 60’s: look that we all have in our head, or at least mine.

anyway, always great to see some new work from you Rick.

Walter Matthau! It has to be, who else?

Well thanks alot Rick…lol Have spent the past several hours scouring the net to find this guy…I think I located him, but there is one more actor from the silver screen it might be…but my search is ending for now…found someone close though…

Raymond Massey…

but like I said, there is another…I picture him maybe as either a mob henchman/wiseguy or even a piano player with a derby on his head and a glass of rot gut sitting on his piano…anyhoo…another outstanding model, MM…


I’ve attached a pic of Walter Matthau.


AMAZING!!! Once Again!!! :+1: :grimacing: :+1:

Lovely job MM, kinda has a Bogart feel to me, but I can’t disagree with any of the other suggestions either. You seem to have created someone that looks like everyone, quite a feat…:smiley:

Rick, I can’t believe you finished sculpting the details, textured and painted him in 7 hours. Bloody unbelievable!! And now I need to get some shaders from you…:smiley: Those eyeballs are just perfect. This guys is my favorite of your works so far. Lotsa moxie to him…:lol:

5 stars a plenty…