Who is this guy?

Dude, this is ridiculous… simply amazing work. Damn! :smiley:

Once again, you show us why you are a true master with Zbrush, a Bruce Lee of the tablet, with a one inch punch to dispel any doubts.

Beautiful work as always, I think he now looks like Tommy Lee Jones a bit, but it doesn’t matter who he is as you’ve brought him to life here!

Five stars dude!


Have you got a website? Love to see it!

(Can’t wait for your next one!)

I love this image :slight_smile:

It’s really wonderfull …

Good done face! I like the texture and modelling.

haha it’s true that is ur style! when i first saw the thumbnail i thought it was a post from you! really nice job!

Dickie is right, incredible speed and an amazing, examplary result!
I whish a could steal a glance at your fingers while youre working :wink:



I was really taken back when I first checked out this model…Because of the gestural quality, it feels like a real sculpture as opposed to some symmetrical cg piece. All I ask now, is that you keep going, don’t stop and just leave it at a still image of this, (not that u have to animate it or anything), but make the eyes and everything work in 3d, not simply mocked up in Photoshop… I realize this is a huge task, but it will really break new ground for cg, sort of make it hard for the rest of us to make excuses why we aren’t fully expressive in this medium.

Thanks for displaying the amazing work,


love texturing, great shader. give us a quick tut at how you made the shader please. v impressed. lovely subtle radiance to it. as for the model, excellent as always. its funny how untextured i thought it looked alot like ian holm; that great british thespian (the guy who played bilbo baggins for the uneducated, and the dad in the borrowers, lol). But no one else saw him in it so perhaps my eyes are going screwy.
Anyway top draw stuff, very inspiring :smiley:

Really nice, I like the textures alot!
Keep it up!

Very cool

Rick, every time I see a post of yours I see you truely are a ‘Monster’. Thanks for sharing.


…just great texturing work, mm:sunglasses: :+1:

Hey thanks everyone for the stars and nice words I really appreciate them.
Hey Dickie as far as the speed goes I had lunch and dinner and watched a movie during that time too. After doing a really careful job of pores and textures and having a major crash and losing all of that work, I got pissed off and decided to watch a movie instead of throwing my computer out the window. Something seems to be wrong with it because even Photoshop crashed on me a couple of times. But to be fair I did start out with an existing model , the one of my dad, and used the paint job, or should I say texture that I already had as a starting point. That is one of the things that I really love about this CG stuff you can quickly build up a library of models that you can easily change into something else. As far as the shaders go I used one that Chris gave me and tweaked it into about 8 variations and rendered different passes with those and blended them in Photoshop where I also adjusted the colors and levels. The eyes are photos of my eyes that I did a little painting and tweaking on. If I get time I 'll try and post a better explanation of what I did , if I can remember, unfortunately I flattened the image so I don’t really have a record of the blending modes.
I want to do something like this again I really had fun hearing who you all thought this guy looked like

Thought the first version looked a bit like Martin Landau. Now its textured maybe more like Lee Marvin. Definately looks like somebody, not sure who though!

Hi Rick,

nice to see it textured! Too bad you lost part of your work man :frowning:
I hate when this happens. Better to verify what’s wrong with your computer because it looks like you have some problem in your windows or even some hardware conflict. Did you install something new recently? Better to check it out before to start doing more complex work.

About the model, that was exactly what I thought when you first posted: this is like a caricature of his father :slight_smile:
I think the model is sweet man and the texturing/render is coming nicely. Are you planning on making some acessories and/or add hair?

Keep it up master,

so, i´m not the only one having zcrashes. i love those eyes, they are simply alive, did u put transparent spheres on them to get that specularity and translucent effect?

sorry, i´ve been reading up above. anyway, eyes look great

The textured version is damn good…very pleasing to the eye indeed. Yeah I have been having a whole load of pc probs myself with zbrush and maya crashing, I have no idea whats causing mine personally but I know what a pain it is! I find that trying to reproduce what you’ve lost never comes out as good as it seems to lose the initial spark.

Maybe we’ve all got some virus aimed at Zbrushers :lol:


Wow, i know you said it isnt a single render and you combined materials and that the eyes are a photo, but even then, wow. I’m looking at other people’s work for about a month now and this is definitelly the most realistic skin texture i’ve ever seen. Perhaps something about the lighting also. You’re a real pro to know how to mix these things so well, i wish i knew how to do that.

drool :+1:

I someone asleep at the wheel?:question: This is top row stuff!
MonsterMaker, Thanks for creating so much enthusiam! Your style is such an inspiration!