Welcome to the NEW ZBrushCentral!


Welcome to the new ZBrushCentral!

We’re very excited to have you experience this entirely new way of connecting with your fellow ZBrush users. And we do mean connecting! We have built the new ZBC from the ground up with an emphasis not only on making it even easier to showcase your artwork but also to be able to interact with other artists no matter what device you happen to be using at the moment. Desktop, tablet or phone – they all work equally well.

Please watch the video to be introduced to some of the key features in this new system.

Also, for more detailed instructions for how to post images and video in the new system, CLICK HERE.

If you are coming over from the original ZBC you will need to reset your password before you can participate in the new ZBrushCentral. If you no longer have access to your registered email address, please follow the instructions here.
For anything else, such as questions about how to use the new features, please create a New Topic here on ZBC and choose “ZBC Support” for the category.

Because this incarnation of ZBC is an entirely new system, we are in the process of migrating all of the history from the ZBrushCentral forum. This will take time, though. Initially, only threads that have been active within the last year have been migrated, as well as all Top Row threads.

All posts from the original ZBrushCentral are still available for viewing on the ZBC Archive. Over the coming weeks we will be migrating those threads to the new ZBrushCentral forum, fleshing out user galleries and making it possible to reply to those threads again, but on the new ZBrushCentral.

Once again: WELCOME! We are incredibly excited to see what you do with the new ZBrushCentral, and watch you continue grow as a friendly and dynamic digital art community.This text will be hidden


Thanks Pixo!!!:blush:small_orange_diamond:clap:small_orange_diamond:clap:small_orange_diamond:clap:

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awesome :slight_smile:

Great work! :+1: I’m sure I’ll be around here a lot more now that the platform is more social.

Guess I’m one of the few that preferred the old forum. :frowning:
This is a bit too clotty for me now.


If only forum communities would be as active as it was years ago everything would be fine.

Giving feedback is almost pointless
Receiving almost impossible.
It’s all about “I like it” buttons and sentences right now sadly.

The new ZBC look cool and modern IMO. Big gallery at front is cool idea. Before it wasn’t so easy to go through, like say ARtstation was in looking for some cool artworks.
Now it seems easier.

I like it as I liked past versions :slight_smile:

SUPER NEW! The trailer looked fun and i’ve heard so many awesome things about this community plus now 2019 version is looking so fire! Need to jump in with both feet!!

I think the best part of being a professional is trying to learn and understand what feedback is relevant to you and i also thing communities thrive with engagement. The years I’ve spent on ArtStation show that liking a post and moving on won’t get much joy. You have to engage with the artist. What do you like? What don’t you like(if anything)? How do you think they could improve(Typically only if they ask for feedback)

Most communities become stale because people just stop caring, i believe with a positive attitude and some hard work we could make this the best of the best :slight_smile:


Loving it, thanks guys!

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Looks identical to CGTalk forum.

Unfortunately this large icon based style leaves me just annoyed. Too much scrolling and this getting larger when hovering is just silly. Redo time people. This is not good.
Also the idea of communicating with artists is all well and good but I do not need it and I do not need more of it. I have a circle of artistic friends and if I want I can get more but that should not be the forum’s goal. How about just show yotr stuff, ask questions and enough with all the ego likes and garbage like that.


Thanks Aurick for helping me get signed in to the new forum - much appreciated.

I have a question Aurick - is it possible to have the last image that I posted to my sketchbook thread be the current image that shows in the main page thread?

For some reason the first image of the Sketchbook thread is the one that is shown.

Best wishes,

I like how Zbrush Thinks about their community. The new platform is awesome I love it.:heart_eyes:small_orange_diamond:heart_eyes:small_orange_diamond:heart_eyes:small_orange_diamond:heart_eyes:small_orange_diamond:heart_eyes:small_orange_diamond:heart_eyes:


Hi Mark. Please see How to Post Images at ZBrushCentral. It answers this. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Thanks Pixo!!!
looks great:grinning:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Like a few others, don’t really care for this new forum at all, not that it matters what I think.

The ‘old’ ZBC was MUCH better imho. Very probably be coming around much less in this confusing quagmire.

Sorry, but change for the sake of change isn’t always better.


I think the new forum is a big improvement towards more social interaction between ZBrush users, and hopefully also ZBrush developers.

@aurick Some constructive feedback: the landing page puts an absolute emphasis on artwork, while I’d love the other sections to get a little bit of the spotlight as well, such as ZBrush Help & Support. If the other forum categories would have a little section in the landing page, showing a few latest posts, then more ZBrush user tips would be noticed and questions would be answered, which is in my humble opinion at least as important as showcasing artwork.

I’m still adjusting to the new look.

I suggest you put some type of border or frame around the “top row” to segregate it from the “latest posts”

Congratulations on getting it all to come together !


Personally I came to dislike the outdated old forum. For example, you couldn’t delete a post, and uploading an image was cumbersome, through a separate window, and requiring JPG format with a relatively small file size.

Totally new ZBC!!I’m trying to know it.
More socialized,easier to post,I like it.But I found some cool functions in the old ZBC gone.

Actually,I have some questions compare to the old ZBC.Is here the place to ask?

1.What “How to Post Images at ZBrushCentral” means is that creating a new topic is the recommended way when every time upload a new wip,am I right?
To be honest I like sketchbook,wip threads.It displays new images in ZBSee if updated.
2.Where can I check the number of viewers and followers?It seems different from before.
3.Can we check which images are being liked now?
4.How can I add" ZBrush Artwork "tag on my old posts?

It would be great if some cool functions are preserved.