How to Post Images at ZBrushCentral

TIP: With the new ZBC we no longer recommend having sketchbook threads. Since the first image in your thread is the one that will appear on the wall, a sketchbook thread will never show your newest artwork. The preferred method of posting now is to always create a new topic whenever you are posting a new project.

The new ZBC makes it incredibly easy to put images into your post. It also supports larger file sizes than the old ZBC and so (unless you go crazy big!) it is no longer necessary to host high resolution images elsewhere.

You can click the Upload button, which is located in the row of formatting icons right above where you compose your post.

Easier for most people is to simply drag and drop. Open up an Explorer/Finder window, locate the image(s) that you want to put in your post, then simply drag and drop those images into the post composition box. After just a moment, the preview to the right will update to show your inserted images.

It’s really that easy!

DON’T drag and drop from another website, such as your Artstation gallery. Doing that would display the image in your post, but it does so by pulling the image from the other website every time someone views your thread. Be sure to upload directly from your computer’s file system.

The code for an inserted image looks something like:

![ImageName|dimensions](upload info.jpg)

If you edit your post, be careful to not remove the ! that is at the start of the image insert code. If you do delete it, the image will not display and the viewer will instead get a link that doesn’t work.

One tip to keep in mind is that the first image in your post is the one that will be displayed on the image wall when people visit ZBC. So you will usually want that one to be your beauty shot. Also, keep in mind that if your post makes the Top Row your first image will be the one that is used to initially feature it in the Newest Top Row section. (These are the extra tall images at the top of the Wall.) Images wider than they are tall will be automatically cropped on both sides, which can lead to problems with some images. For example, a face close up would likely result in a highly featured nose! Plan accordingly. :slight_smile:

You can also now add video to your post just by copying and pasting the link to it. You don’t need to worry about any of the Embed code that most other sites need. All that’s necessary is the same URL that you would give to a friend. Just be sure that the video URL is in its own line. If it’s part of a line of text then ZBC will display the link instead of the video.

Topic Icon

Lastly, you can control which image appears on the Wall when someone visits the ZBrush Artworks category. After you have posted, you will see a “Select Thumbnail” button at the top of the topic by its title. Click that button and choose the image that you wish to use.

This is especially useful if you have an old topic that you’re adding new artwork to.

Happy posting!


Aurick, hey man! I accidentally put my entire old thread in the new preview gallery and don’t know how to remove it. Is there a way to do this? Thank you so much!

@jmenna Hey there. I’m sorry I didn’t see this before now. I’m not sure what you mean, though. Could you PM me and give more details? Thanks!