UDK Realtime - Davyjones and other characters

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My PC spec
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.67GHz Memory:6G
Graphic Card: Geforce GTX460 (DX11 Card)

And old Fan art.
My hobby.

UDK Realtime Rendering


I like the design of Sam Raimi’s spiderman!!

(Hard surface does not use a zbrush.
Bigdaddy was used cloth only.)

UDK Realtime Rendering

ZB Little Sister


I really like the game Bioshock:D

Reference Material!

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I’m surprised it’s not top row already. This is some really amazing work, and the realtime renders are superb. If you’re not already working for a major studio you should be!

Your work in zbrush and sculptris is amazing… but what you do in UDK just blows me away! Congratulations… that is amazing work you got there!

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Very nice! I’ve often thought about doing a Sam Raimi version of Spiderman but wasn’t sure how I would do the webbing. Looks like you just masked it off?

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I can not English, it can not reply to many comments, is regret :cry: sorry…

Today image is Work in progress Now!
Pirates of Carribean “Maccus” and “Hulk” Fan Art!
I make The UDK version in the near future…

This image ZBrush BPR!
WIP Maccus

WIP Hulk

And This is My “First UDK DX11 Realtime Model”.
This model is very old work.
My Design Creature.

UDK RealtimeRendering



名称未設定 1のコピー.jpg

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This thread needs to go top row.

I love how you used a Lerp to feed in your displacement values. I have been following your work on YouTube for quite some time. You were playing with dynamic tesselation way before anyone else. Congrats on all the work, it really is amazing.

Have you tried using Google translator? It works fairly well!


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I was checking your blog from the old days!
I’m really happy, comment from you!
Your model is really great!!:smiley:

I am using the translation Google.
However, it is difficult to understand all…

this thread must be in the top row ! really love this works dude ! keep it up

really cool works here, looking forward to a final render of Hulk

Seriously awesome sculpting and renders!:slight_smile: Top Row!

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Since I’m now Retopology and polypaint
During this week I will upload the new image.
Thank you!:smiley:

Today image is Work in progress!:smiley:
“Pirates of the Caribbean - Maccus” Fan art.

Today is Test Bake & import
I bake used the xnormal.

I tried to import to UDK.
displacement map and ScreenSpaceSSS does not yet contain.
I make displacement maps in the near future.

Is not complete yet! I will paint a texture from now on!


This model was made all in ZBrush.
many used Zsphere and Dynamesh!

I really love the movie character.
Thank you!

I’m inspired! My next character is gonna be rendered in UDK! Whatever tips, tricks or worklow explanations you got would be much appreciated!

And what’s this I read above about your Youtube videos? Where can I see those? Would love to see more of your awesomeness!

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Really fantastic work!

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I have youtube account.
There are old video.
Thank you:D

My Youtube Link!

Man , you’re good! Bravo!

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