UDK Realtime - Davyjones and other characters

Thank you! many reaction! glad!

UDN is a tutorial site of UDK.
I learned a lot in this.
Really great tutorial! Please check!

introduction of Realtime SSS.
Two types of translucence of UDK.


I use both.
It is difficult to describe in words.

Check on the transmission of the tentacles.


SSS can also use mask.
example of using a mask.

In this image, use a lot of redness on the edge of the ears and wings.


“transmission” is easy to feel out the redness!

Other Fan art. personal works.
Starwars “Jabba the hutt”

This model does not use a lot of time.
Was completed in about 20 hours.





Thank you!

Incredible work! How did you make the eyes for jaba the hutt? Does it have some sort of reflection map and SSS?

Excellent!!! Keep goin the great work!! ^^
See ya

Welcome to ZBrushCentral:)
Glad you made it on here, really astonishing start man, just incredible work on your characters!:+1:They look amazing and I totally love that you render them out in UDK:+1:, would be great if you could do a little tutorial on how to set up a nice render in udk, I am just starting on learning UDK(preparing for the final examine)!
Thanks for sharing your work, this truely is inspiring!
All the best to you and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny:)

Great work keep it up!

Thank you for many comments really.

>>Incredible work! How did you make the eyes for jaba the hutt?

Eye used SSS
and reflectionVector node in Reflection map.
For Reflection Vector, check here.
http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/MaterialExamples.html#Environment Maps

Eye is very difficult…
I am studying too!^^

And old my personal work! Fan art (2011)

UDK Realtime Rendering.


ZB work

Japanese hero, “Ultraman”!!
“Zetton” of the strongest enemy !

UDK Realtime Rendering


UDK Realtime Rendering


ZB Work

Thank you!

Really great work !!! This is what a next gen portfolio should look like. very inspiring.


Fantastic sculpts! Really impressed with Spawn character. Kudos for mastering the UDK system.

this SPAWN is so ****ing bad ass!
best i seen so far :slight_smile:

Ultra man and zetton look great:+1:

Really nice! congrats!!! :smiley:


Wow! this work is amazing! I’m currently pushing things to UDK as well! Such a great engine…and free to play with. It’s a game artist dream in my opinion. I love the new DX11 features as well!

Thanks for sharing out your work with everyone!

Peace-NickZ. :slight_smile:

P.S. Why is this not top row? You are making real-time art that looks better than most rendered/comped frames…put this on top row!!! Please!!!

Top top top !!!

Love all of them!! awesome!!!
Nice Ultraman Type “A”!!!:smiley:

This is super cool! Top row materials!!! Very amaizng how RT render can be so delicious!

This is awesome stuff! I can’t wait to see more. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

You soon wioll be in a top row for sure beacause your works are just AMAZING:+1:

UDK renders looks really great! It uses GPU and it’s real time right? What graphics card you posses?
(I never really needed graphics card for my workflow, but your’s UDK works looks so great I just though I might try thath too:roll_eyes:)

Oh my god your work is sick mate, the sculpt of spawn is just mindblowing and totally inspiring! really stunning sculpting:+1:
I really enjoying every single artwork you are posting, keep it going buddy!:+1:

  • Kenny:)

Your works are really brilliant!
I’m amazed by the quality of your realtime renders, you should write a tutorial about shader creation in UDK; in the Mass Effect 3 team interview, the characters display some beautiful shaders, but yours are even better for display purpose!

I agree that this thread should be in the top row.
Thanks for sharing your art!