UDK Realtime - Davyjones and other characters

Hi everyone!

These works are Fan art. My hobby.
I really love the movie character.

Final result displayed in the UDK Realtime Rendering.
Great free tool http://udk.com/

Sculpt used zbrush
Facehugger is Sculptris.

Thank you!

Davy jones (pirates of caribbean)

UDK - Realtime Rendering

ZB ss

T-rex (Jurassic Park)

UDK - Realtime Rendering


Facehugger (Alien)

UDK - Realtime Rendering













These look great, particularly DJ.

If I learned UDK, could I build a building, and use my space navigator to wander round it?

Fantastic work! I’ll be dling udk ASAP :slight_smile:

Nice work!

wow…great work…will keep an eye on your thread! love the alien sculpt and real time render!

That’s incredible!

how you transport youre models to udk ? what size of models , how many tris in topology ? size of the maps ? you transport them to external aplication like max and convert them to fbx ?
share some knowledge on yuore amazing work please :slight_smile:

Zbrush + UDK = Great Like Gears and Mass Effect!!

Outstanding :+1:, ¿can you share a little more of your workflow?

did you use something like displacement functions?
it looks like really high polygon…

Thank you for many comments!
Please note that I’m not that good at English…Sorry…

Davy jones drawn in very high polygon.
Because using the Realtime Tessellation & Displacement map of DX11.

This feature is used for the Next Generation game.
Tessellation is a very high density, can not learn the polygon count to me.
However, the number of base polygon is a polygon approximately 60,000triangle.

I would like write about the Realtime SSS at a later date.


Other personal works.

Underworld Evolution “Marcus”
I really love this creature.

UDK Realtime Rendering







Reference materials!
Their work is really Great!

Pixologic interview with Luma Pictures

Grasetti Marcus Statue

This is pretty much the best work I’ve seen in a while. Love your creatures, very inspiring.

wow this is hardcore :+1:

impressive works :smiley:

top row alllllllll day. Really look forward to the SSS explanation! Don’t worry if english is not your first language either! If you are able to show high rez picture of your Material Editor shader trees that would be great! Keep up the great work man.

superb work ! unlimited details :+1:

Brilliant! Absolutely amazing for real time! Would be very keen to see the SSS material window too. Superb work :+1:

Your stuff is OFFF The charts…seriously AMAZING!! Can you please post a high res shot of your material setup in UDK…and maybe a bit of more description. Those renders look AMAZING!!!

PLEASE! top row!

what an awsome post. i remember being blown away when I saw the original interview with luma pictures, great to see their stuff transferred in to real time. can’t wait to see more updates!!

Wow, this is incredible! I’ve just started diving into UDK, their is some Real potential here. Would you be kind enough to post a little more detail on your shader networks, as far as getting the most out of UDK.