Tomstrzal sketchbook

any chance of showing us your workflow?
that would be FAB man…

…a pleasure for the eyes! :sunglasses:

Very cool. I love the feel it gives.

Nice moods. I like the shapes and scale too :+1:

Whoa Nelly! That is some awesome work, great to see something this artistic to show the incredible range of ideas ZBrush can bring to life. Like others I’d love to see some WIP stuff if you got it. That first image is really powerful, particularly the sense of sheer height you achieved. Looking forward to more!

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Show more…good! Yes, please!

Absolutely love the level of detail, excellent work- any “making of” details you wish to share would be welcome and greatly appreciated.

Its just WOW! :+1:

absolutely love the climate

Amazing stuff no really its amazing is it all in zbrush or did you use photoshop for the conposet?

Thanks again.:wink: Right now I’m preparing some making of materials for sharing with you :wink:

Cool work - very inspiring :sunglasses:

I have never seen anything like this. It’s just amazing! Great atmosphere.

Totally refreshing!

By far some of the best enviro pieces. Period.

i think’s the zbrush is the best and i love what’s you do with him

Amazing, bro! Reminds me of Becksinski, do you know his work? It gives me hope that these kinds of pseudo-abstract images can be realized in 3D, Good Show!

Wow…these are so extraordinary!

Great works Really like the trees, looking foward to your sketchbook updates.

totally amazing work. I love it