Tomstrzal sketchbook

When I was looking at your threads in the zbrush central I noticed that many guys had something like a sketchbook or a gallery where you put your works in one theread. I think I could do the same and collect my works in one thread and then if I have something new I would put this in the same place. I published 4 images at zbrush central. I am working on something new now so when I finish I would like to put it in that thread. What do you think?

Tree.jpgRoots.jpgTree_branches.jpgOld ship.jpg




oooooo… nice!

I’m always impressed by your works, atmosphere and compositional skills.
I for one would really like to see you have a sketchbook in here…maybe even have the wips for your works in it.
It’s always helpful for others to see how another goes about creating things…gives insight into the way ideas are formed and evolved…:slight_smile:

Wow awesome work !!!:+1:

That is some really cool work! Awesome job man. I really like all 4 images. :+1: :+1:

very detailed and ambient work! excellent :slight_smile:

Very strong atmosphere.

Thanks for sharing.

Nice composition. I always like that monochrome gritty quality without it feeling super noisy or muddy.

Beautiful worx!

Truly amazing…

thats inspiring :+1:

very cool. really love those trees.

Thanks for posting, realy beautiful :+1:

I think it’s some of the best work I’ve seen here.

Finally, actual ART being made with Zbrush.

Lovely, and 5 Stars.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
This is the kind of ZMade art I miss seeing.
Bravo man!

That’s really good, it carries a threatening atmosphere

:+1: :+1: just great !!!

very cool, beautiful stuff!

Great work. Real art.