Tomstrzal sketchbook

Particularly like the last one with the brown theme

Yea. The last one rocks. Maybe some tips about your Rendering and Compositing would be really helpful. :+1:

All are unbelievable!!! Especially the Giger Tree!!!

Awesome Stuff!! :slight_smile: :+1:

Nice. good to some some fine art on these boards. the first piece reminds me a lot of beksinski, which is a good thing. keep going, i like your flow.

Really unic looking stuff!!
I like the painting like feeling, atmosphere is superb!!
Theres lots of Zdizislaw Beksinski´s trends on your pictures.
Are you infulenced by his master paintings?

Could buy one if you got same stuff made with oil;D

absolute fantastic feel

Sooner or later this had to go toprow, Congratz!!! keep it up.

superb work. jestes wielki.


can’t wait once you guys are done with Bulletstorm and share this work here! (i hope you will:)) PCF are on the money!

Good works!

Grandiosity, mystery and ancient tales: the secret formula of your beautiful works!

Love it! great atmosphere…

this is beyond superb!!! Great Work, ik hope to see more of your work!!!
gr. Silberdenar

Thanks for all comments :wink: I m very glad and happy to read this.
Of course I admire Beksinski and Giger their works are very inspiring, but I try to find my way of creating :wink: I have many WIP images if you want I can send something :wink:

those images are great… are the small tiny branches that extend out the other more prominent tree branches comp painted in PS, transparency masked texture mapped to a one sided grid, or are they actual zbrush geometry as well…

Wow, love it. :+1:

Speaking as an Artist/Illustrator, THIS is what Zbrush is all about.

Most inspiring! :smiley:



You sir, are a bad ass. Beautiful work.

your off to very good start! nice works m8 :wink: