Status update

Oooo, another Crapycorn like myself! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’ll be a great birthday present for us capricorns for sure weither early or belated jan 13th here :smiley:

the fanboyism here is quite nausiating.

Happy that Zbrush finally is catching up to what other people have been doing for 8 years already.
With a (finally) 64 bit Software (there is no need to maintain the 32 bit seriously!)

Im interested to see how useful the polymodelling tools are!
But after seeing the demo video they look like another gimmicky topology brush.

What does look interesting is some of the nanomesh features.

LOL at some people who think there wont be patches for it though :lol:

Hehehe… I’m a Friday the 13th baby! Yup! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha awesome so am I

WOW… cool! Don’t meet many Friday the 13th folks! I always get funny looks when I tell them that! Wish they had the Mad with horns with the smile, I’ve used that one in other forums. It’s a good one for those impish moments! lol

Yes you don’t meet many people born on the same day and month and it is fun to tell people that :slight_smile:

My dog ate the ZBrush R7!! :cry:

Thanks for the update everyone! I’m looking forward to it’s release but in the meantime will continue to learn more about Zbrush.

Hopefully it will be a birthday present for me also as I’m another Capricorn but a few days later than others who have mentioned this…

Got our goat hooves crossed in hopes! New computer should be here by then…

lol…yep and in the meantime off to learn more about creating IMM’s as that looks like it will be really useful.

Thanks Ofer for a good outlook to start the New Year with a second christmas gift. And as well thanks that I don´t have to look every 5 minutes at ZbrushCentral the next 2 weeks. Only 1 time a day is perfect :slight_smile:

BTW. I hope that there never will be an Autodesk Logo (with cloud subscription) on your website. I would pay you afterwards for all the free updates over the last years to prevent this.

A peaceful christmas time to you and your creative team!
xspace creative

IMM’s are easy to make but I always have issues making them “stick” to the surface of what ever … little tricky for me. :confused:

Nice to know Ram…I’m still working my way through the classroom and haven’t got to them yet.

I just would like to state that I am excited for the new release and pleased to hear that the proper amount of time is being taken to make sure this new version is top notch. Like most updates to this software, it just keeps getting better and the people at Pixologic do an amazing job at keeping up if not leading the industry with new techniques and methods for creating amazing art.

My two cents is keep up the good work and take the time needed to create something to be proud of! You guys should already be patting yourselves on the back for creating such an amazing product in the first place.


RAMWolff : have you tried the Brush Modifier slider at the top of Brush Palette > Modifiers?

Negative values insert the bottom of the imm inside the mesh, positive ones increase the distance.

Take your time. It is better to have a super tool than to launch too soon. Remember to get some Xmas holiday as well :slight_smile:

RAMWolff wrote: IMM’s are easy to make but I always have issues making them “stick” to the surface of what ever … little tricky for me.

Like Erik suggested. Also in the Stroke>Curve palette, you can tick the Snap button which makes the brush snap to the surface of the geometry.

Take your time with this ,and please remember the roots of Zbrush ( sculpting )
with every update its getting as complecated as maya,and i do not use maya …
but still cant wait for this one .
wish all at Pixologic a very merry Christmas and a even better new year .
Thanks …Ralph

@ pugman
I thought the roots was 2.5D painting?
Furthermore, the beautiful thing about ZB IS the SCIENTIFIC BRILLIANCE found in the endless tools and parameters with all that multifunctionality.

Your a veteran so I’m assuming you realize all this but…
YOU should customize your UI based on what your comfortable with.
Because in simplified form you only need THREE brushes…
Standard… Move… Smooth
for content creation, all the other tools are generally just fun alternatives and shortcuts.