Status update

and Merry Christmas to you all.

Thank you for the update. Personally, I would rather wait for an airtight version than a rushed version that will end up corrupting my model save file… :wink: Have a wonderful holiday!

Pixolator, thanks a bunch for the head’s up about the update. This is way better than not saying anything and everyone wondering what’s going on. Like everyone else I’d rather have a stable install than an update followed by a patch.

Hopefully ALL the fine folks at Pixologic can enjoy the holiday season without the total stress and life interruption of an ongoing release. :stuck_out_tongue:

God Bless everyone at Pixologic and looking forward to Christmas in January. :sunglasses:

Sigh. Well, I ain’t gonna pretend to be happy. I was really excited about this release.

It is what it is though. Good luck with the polishing and fine-tuning.

Happy Holidays…and do you all need extra beta testers, by chance? :wink:

Thanks for the status update. Looking forward to January release cycle/date. Merry Christmas to all at Pixologic.


I am a coder too and know how difficult can be get rid of the bugs.

Do your best and happy holydays.


While it’s great to hear that R7 is on its way, I am curious why you guys are bothering to hold on to 32bit at all? Just swallow the medicine and move to 64bit completely. boom… two versions to maintain, not four. Hell, even my elderly mother has a 64bit operating system. There’s no reason why somebody who would buy zbrush wouldn’t also have 64bit capabilities by now.

:+1: good things take time!

Thanks for the news. It takes as long as it takes.

I think ZBrush is the last 32 bit program I have or have had for a while. I think it’s been maybe five years since I’ve had a 32 machine and I’ve not seen one on a shelf for a long time. Happy to wait for 64 bit. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thx for the news.
But I am happy not to get the update so fast.
Because so i can learn more handle with this what zbrush already has.
And will not be “spoiled” by new, simplified functions ;o)

Those are good news even if the release version was postponed.

I have just have a petition:
PLEASE !!!³³ include the possibility to work with 3dconnexion mouses!


ok I can wait :smiley:

Thank You & Merry Christmas to all at Pixologic from Poland & Ireland :smiley:

Make sure to get a few relaxing holiday weeks, Z-devs. If this is crunch time because of the impending release, I hope I speak for the majority here when saying delay it even further if this is the case!
My best wishes to you.

The 32 bit, I would guess would be to get it in the hands of school kids? Witch is noble if true.

thanks for the news!
:+1: We know that is for the best so take your time. And we are sure that it will be amazing !

No problem here, thanks for putting the info up. Rather have a stable version however long it takes, even if it takes longer.

Keep up the good work. Daniel.

Yep, I’m with everyone else on this, would rather it’s solid than rushed.

Thanks for the update!

Can’t wait to start using 64-bit at work. Thanks Pixologic!

It’s like a spectaculous birth day gift for me cause my B-day is January 12th so yeah. Awesome! It’s gonna be fun.