Status update

Thx Pixo… xmas this year is in january…!!
thx for the update…its important to have…
good work and good holiday:D

Thanks for keeping us informed, Merry Christmas to all, and happy new year ,
2015 we expect a fun thanks to the whole team

Thank you for the info, Ofer!! I agree with the rest of the people and I’m sure it will be worth waiting. I am still enjoying and getting amazed by the 4R6 features, so no worries at all.

Happy xmas all the forum!!

Thanks for the update. It’s good to know where we stand, no problems at all waiting another month.

Thank you for letting us know. Take your time and I´m sure we all will thank you in the end when Pixologic deliver yet another fantastic update of Zbrush. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

ZBrush 4R7 request: All black text item… (White text is tired eyes when working.)ZB4R7_request.jpg



Can not wait! Thanks to all staff for their dedication and big Merry Christmas and New Year!:+1:

Gendragon3D Design


Why spend so much time devoted to 32bit? Time to move on from that maybe?

Thanks for giving us a date and letting us know that your going to postpone the release!!! the waiting is a lot easier when you have some idea when its going to come out.

I can’t wait to see what the new workflows are like! In my opinion Z brush is one of the best, and certainly the coolest piece of software ever made and I really appreciate your guy’s choice to go with quality over speedy release dates.

If you guys are really not going to charge for Z brush 5, I think you guys will easily and gracefully acquire and deserve a mountain of awards for best policies and vision.

you will be alone in a tier of companies that truly care more about what they can do for the customer than how much money they can make. and nowadays with the armies of cut throat capitalism businesses who would sell our souls for a couple extra pennies Z brush and blender stand alone as the only beacons of hope I have ever seen. I really hope future companies and businesses will take notes on what a great example you guys are setting. and maybe, just maybe, the generosity will rub off on the generations to come.

once again, a thousand thank yous and much love, :smiley:

Josh O.

Thanks for the kind and honest reply Zguys! Have a great time with family and friends in these Holidays!! Best Wishes!!

Which is exactly what’s happening. As stated in the 4R7 announcement thread, it will be the final 32-bit release. ZBrush 5 will only be available in 64-bits.

We know that a lot of our customers rely on ZBrush for their livelihoods. Due to the nature of such a massive overhaul of the core code, we feel that it’s important to give the 64-bit conversion our biggest beta ever in both duration and scope. This means that the 32-bit release of 4R7 will be the official release while the 64-bit version will be a Developer Preview (public beta). It will be available to everyone to use, test and enjoy. We expect that it will perform beautifully. But we also know that some issues can’t be caught until it’s out in the “wild,” being used by thousands of people in varying ways and on diverse hardware.

If any problems are encountered they will not hurt the people who depend on ZBrush because the 32-bit version will still be there to fall back on.

Great response Aurick!!!
Typed it out fast and sent?
Composed, reread, adjusted, sent.
Was this written previously and you were awaiting the question?
If so, rough number, how many responses are still on file, waiting for the appropriate questions.
Happy Holiday

Nooooooo! But we wants it. :lol:
Take your time and get it right and Merry Christmas.

Thanks for the update, and it’ll make 2015 really worth looking forward to!

You guys can kick back and enjoy the holidays now, instead of pushing hard towards a perceived deadline.

That’s how everyone should do it! It’s so awful and damaging to release a product that’s buggy as hell and not done yet that seems to be SOP with the larger software companies.

Good work Pixologic, keeping it classy :slight_smile:

Excited for January!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And thank you one and all at Pixologic! It looks like the future bodes well for all of us. Should be a very interesting year.

Dreams of polygonal sugar plums.

Thanks for the Status update Pixologic! Much appreciated and I’m anxiously awaiting this new version!

Why spend so much time devoted to 32bit? Time to move on from that maybe?

Aurick already touched on this but the jump to 64 bit is a major one. Things can easily go wrong. I can’t think of any major software that made the 64-bit transition without a concurrent 32-bit version. It’s a fail safe and is especially needed when working with software tools that affect your production. It’s more work but it can be critical if things don’t always work.