Status update

-Thanks a lot for the 64 bit update and your great efforts …
-I just hope that you add a feature to allow us to mange sub-tools very easily - in some projects we deal with 100s of sub-tools , and it becomes very difficult to mange -

  • Also it would be awesome If you make the poly painting depends on the uvs not the poly count - however with big mount of rams with the new 64x version of ZBrush it would be faster than ever before-

Kia Ora Ofer, thanks for keeping us posted and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and the Pixologic Team.

I feel that we should take the time to fine-tune and deliver the very best possible capstone to the 4.x series in order to allow you to gain the most benefit from the new features.

I have a lot more respect for software companies that have this mindset. I’d much rather a month or two late release than a buggy experience waiting a month or two for patches anyways.

I’m very grateful for the status update it helps a lot. I actually prefer a January/February release. With so much software tools having special deals and indie releases coming out now it means I can buy some of those software tools on my wishlist now and still save up later for Keyshot-Z. My wallet appreciates it. :smiley:

“patients mon amie…” the wait is not over, but certainty helps to deal with it. Christmas will be coming and then again, with the release of the new version. feel lucky to be part of the user base for this artist tool. Volker


Happy Hanuka !


Hey take your time guys.

thanks pixolator, a Zbrush release anyday is as good as christmas ! you guys can take all the time you need to polish it :smiley:

Thank you very much for the update and thank you for prioritizing quality! Keep up the great work and make sure to take some time off for the holidays!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to the entire Pixologic team!

Thank you for the info! And don’t worry about the little delay. You just polish that Diamond! Thank you for your hard work and merry christmas! :smiley:

I think that its a lot better to release later than to release a version with lots of bugs and tools half working. That only would create frustration no matter how many features are added. We have enough of that in other software and games.
Even good games as Unity get a wave of bad publicity because they have released too early. :sunglasses:

Also Elon Musk is delaying the launch of the first recyclable re entry ever of a rocket to January. Two interesting events that will change a lot of things the same month. :smiley:

no worries, I sooner have a stable release than one that just hit’s a “date”

Thank you for the update! It’s much better to take the right time needed and release the best version possible, and it should come when it comes and not before.

Cool maybe I can fix my Wacom by then. :smiley:

Happy Holidays and a happy new year Mr. Alon!

Take the time you need - No rush!

Pixologic rocks! :slight_smile:


I guess, maybe it’s better for christmas eve dinners in families, if ZBrush 4R7 would have been released before it lots of people couldn’t have been able to focus their mind on anything else for weeks :wink:

(Sorry for grammar, it’s a very difficult thing to say properly for a non native english speaker)

np - I think the Pixologic team deserves a x-mass as much as the rest of us.

I’m sure many of us are disappointed to hear this, but thank you for taking the time to personally explain the situation and update us on what is going on.

Wish you guys a great Christmas season, and hope you guys take the time to spend with your family.

On the selfish end - would it be too much to request one more video before in lieu of release? :slight_smile:

As a working professional who rely’s on Z Brush at the office and at home for time sensitive freelance get it right it’s worth the wait.

Cool cool. no matter what ill be waiting exited but patient. is there any possibility we might have a chance to see a little more while we wait?

All the best to all of you and your families for this Holiday Season.
Hopefully this will remove some of the stress you all have been under.
We will be here whenever you are ready.
Thank you