Scared Silly Entry by Steven Wood

cool pumpkin heads

Great heads! Looks like you’re sticking to the feel of your sketch very well.

Thanks guys, but to be honest, I’m not really happy with them. We’re almost halfway through to the end of the competition so I’m trying my best to cut corners just to get it done.

My latest snippet of an update just shows the adult hands that I’ve been workiing on. I took a basic set of hands created in ZBrush then posed and detailed them in 3 various poses of expression to show amazement, surprise, and fear. I’ll start work on the adult bodies after this using the base body mesh of Lil’ Punky.


Don’t be so hard on yourself you doing better than me at the moment! :wink:

Maybe the pumkins just need not be so…urm…realistic… ah… how to explain this…

Maybe add some expression features like creases around the mouths and furrows between the eyebrows… or am I just being daft?

I think the hands are spot on. Reckon your final piece will be pretty damn good.

Pete B

Top Stuff!

Especially loving the hands! I’m doing hands at the moment and finding it pretty tricky and yours make me feel worse! lol!

Can’t believe we’re halfway through as well!!! time is just evaporating!

Keep on Z-ing it’s looking great!

I’ve thought of that, but wasn’t sure what style of pumpkin to create. Since Lil’ Punky is more of a traditional carved pumpkin, I guess I’ll have to keep with the present style I have now. If there’s still enough time for me to tweak things, then maybe I’ll try that with both the background pumpkins and Lil’ Punky.

fizzy, fishadder
Thanks. Since they’re cartoon hands I was able to get by with a lot more than if I were to try and model something more realisticly.
Even if I made a mistake I could say, “It’s a cartoon hand so it’s supposed to be like that” lol.

Nice work, Woody!

Great style to your whole design.


Gary’s Scared Silly Entry

Thanks garyhanna

Here is my first background adult. I’m keeping it simple for now just to get them all done. At this point, time is creeping by pretty fast so I’m still not sure if I have enough time to tweak things like I would like to do.

[attach=72995]first adult.jpg[/attach]


first adult.jpg

Second one down and one to go.

[attach=73002]second adult.jpg[/attach]


second adult.jpg

Welp, this is the final one. Now onto detailing the ground, grass, and background.

[third adult.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘73011’,‘third adult.jpg’,1,0))

Nice one mate!

Loving the wrinkles on the clothing especially where they twist and turn, really gives movement to a still image and will look great in the final piece!

How D’you do that!?

Keep on Z-ing


Wonderful looking characters… :wink:

Love the characters

Thanks fishadder
It helps to have drawing books that shows how to draw clothing and in how it flows on the body. These wrinkles are in no way accurate, but time isn’t allowing me to be as thorough as I’d like to be.
You can also find various tut’s on the internet that can walk you through the basics. Just keep in mind the tension points on the body of where the wrinkle starts to where it ends.
It helps to also think of clothing as a wet paper towel. Imagine how it would hang on the body and the weight of the water in the towel pulling downward on the towel between the 2 or more tension points. What I mean by tension points is this: The 2 or more points at which the cloth is pulled at the tightest strength then flowing in straight or cured lines in between, ie., the bottom of the buttocks to the knee, the shoulder to the elbow, the elbow to the wrist, the chest to the hips or waist, the knee to the ankle, etc.
The type of cloth also has a lot to do with it too. If it’s fine clothe like silk or cotton, then you would create your wrinkles to be sharper and more defined. It it’s thicker cloth like a sweatshirt, heavy wool, etc, then the wrinkles would be heavier, softer, and more rounded.

LittleDedder: Thanks LittleDedder, I’d also like to create something a little more realistic. Seems everything I do looks like a cartoon.
Jason Belec: Thanks, and hopefully “winning” characters hehe.

I love the “cartoony” style of your drawing and yet of your modelling!
You’ve managed it very well in 3D, postures are very dynamic too, great job! :slight_smile:

I take it back about the expression lines, this looks awsome! I am very impressed with the clothing and I now understand what the hands were for!

Very well done! :D:+1:

Ariane: Thanks, I appreciate that. Interpreting 2D to 3D is always very challenging. It forces you to see depth and various other areas of your model that one would not normally think about when drawing.

dustbin1_uk: Thanks again. Creative critisism is always appreciated. Now I too know what the hands are for lol.

Below is a VERY rough render of the scene so far. I’ve added fog only to separate the background from the foreground so it’s easier to the eye to figure out.
Final scene rendering always is the toughest thing for me to do so it’s best if I start piddling with it early. Things to experiment with are lighting setups, color, and background in which I will probably do in Photoshop.
If time allows I’ll also add smaller details like rocks and pebbles.

[fina render.jpg]

Great work so far. Good luck for the final render.


Ralf Stumpf

That is looking great! I am really likening it, :+1: I do like the composition and camera angle in you sketch better. I would definity tweak that a bit in your final.