Scared Silly Entry by Steven Wood

Well, I guess I’ll throw mat hat into the ring unless Rick Baker throws his in then I’ll humbly withdraw mine…

This is a little child pumkin who I’ll call “LiL’ Punky” who’s celebrating his first halloween. His costume is made to look like a can of pumpkin pie mix. Before he goes out trick or treating, he’s getting into the spirit of things by running around scaring all of his family and friends by running and jumping about.

Software used:
I’m going to try and keep this to ZBrush and Photoshop for compositing only. I’m not great with working with ZPhere’s, but I’ll try my best with this one and hopefully get it done on time.

Here’s just a quick color sketch below which is a rough idea of what I’d like to do.

Best of luck to eveyone.


halloween sketch.jpg

Woody this is hilarious :lol: and you sketch is fantastic, you must be a cartoonist? You better not bow out if Rick Backer inters though, because I want to see the finished product!

cool sketch :laughing:
Great fun! I like this style.

good luck :+1: :+1: :+1:

i really like the sketch. so funny!!


Lil’ pumkin! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Nice! Like the idea! :+1: :smiley: :+1:
Best of luck to ya!

this idea is great, nice style with the perspectives, that will translate great into the image and the lighting. good luck.

Thanks guys for the imput. Hopefully I’ll be able to model this thing at least half as good as my sketch.

Here's my attempt at ZSphere'n. Right now I'm just working on the basic parts. I like to keep things separate because it makes it easier to model and texture. When I'm done I'll assemble everything together.

This is lil’ punky that I’m starting with. I like to create my mesh at a low poly becuase it makes it easier to make broad changes and adjustments.

I also may re-use this to create my adult pumpkin people, not sure yet on that one.


zshpere beginning 2.jpg

Yes! Great sketch, Woody! Looking forward to seeing this whole thing sculpted and rendered out. Just too cool. And if you’re NOT a cartoonist, I’d be amazed!

Also, I certainly hope Rick Baker - MonsterMaker has time to join in. I’d imagine this is a pretty busy time of the year for him professionally and personally. Imagine all his friends? “Hey Rick, can you make me up to look like this!?”, etc.,etc. I bet it drives him crazy!

I doubt very much if he’s hurting for a Wacom tablet anyway, but I sure hope he can join in.

Well thanks for the incouragement Morbius. Yes I do a LOT of cartooning where I work, but I’d rather get into more serious illustrative work. Every time I try to do someting serious and painterly it ends up looking like a CARTOON DAGNABBIT!

It’s ruined me lol.

Really, I’d like to see Rick Baker join up as well to be honest, but he probably already has a Cintiq the size of his living room anyway hehe.

Well, you’re awfully talented!! I wonder how many, if any, sci-fi/horror book covers have been rendered with ZBrush. Seems like it’s exactly the right tool for some awesome illustration work. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I’ll be lucky if I can learn enough soon enough to carve a decent pumpkin! :slight_smile:


You’ve heard it a lot already, but, wow, that’s an amazing sketch. Great pose and solid composition. Just be careful when you start the texturing not to make every pumpkin the same orange. Give a few of them mold, fungus, and other signs of prolonged oxidation. :lol:

Where can we see more of your cartoons?

Good luck on the ongoing sillyness!

Cool concept :+1: Nice drawing.

Really Like your concept think the cartoony styles will dominate this challange
best of luck

Hah! Great sketch. Looks fun! :+1:

Really amazed at some peoples sketches for this comp. some really good preliminary work and talent. I would love to see the aforementioned R.Baker join in as well as its always an inspiration to see the best really push the limits, just hope I dont embarass myself with my sketches lol.

With all those pumpkin heads in the view are you going to spotlight\highlight the central composition and maybe have the rest more in the shadows or?
Just with all that orangey going on in one mass could detract from the image.

Thanks guys.

Since I’m going to composite this in Photoshop, it should be fairly easy to adjust color, brightness, saturation, etc to set the background pumpkins apart enough from Lil’ punky so as to not detract from him.

The lighting that I have in mind should help as well. I’m thinking of more or less a spot light in the center of the scene to illuminate Lil Punky starting from a low angle upward. When lighting from below a character like the background pumpkins, it should give an erie, scary, kind of feel to convey fear in the pumpkins and would help as well to set them apart.

LiL’ Punky funny name :slight_smile: i like the idea

wanna see the finshed project, good luck :+1:

This is a great idea and sketch to go with it. Very funny concept!

I finally got Lil’ Punky’s halloween costume made up. I’m still not sure if I want it to be a real can that he’s using as an outfit or an outfit made up to look like a real can which would allow me to bend and warp it like clothe.

Anyway, I even made up little jingle for my new canned pumpkin pie mix.

“I’d walk the land and pay a grand just for a taste of Woody’s brand”

Woody’s brand pumpkin pie mix mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy some today!


punkys outfit.jpg

really looking forward for results if u get the comic look from the sketch into the third dimensions this is gonna look real nice