''scared Silly Entry By Craig Thomson''

Great entry in a very creative way :+1: :+1: :+1:

Looking really great! Love the details.

Is the scale of the characters not going to be like in the sketch, or did you not size them like they will be? I rather liked Mr. Pumpkin large like he is in the sketch.

I haven’t had a chance to play around with scale yet, i still have way too many elements to get done before I to composition but thanks for the reminder I actually haven’t looked back at the sketch in some time!

Trees next, Oh my!

Keep on Z-ing

Man, this is freaking awsome!!! hahaha…

Some real good work here!! I bet you are getting tons of fun…
man, congrats.

As yourself say, keep Z-ing

Very cool, lots of fun, can’t wait to see it finished. This would be perfect , as a lot of these entrees would be, for the October Shadows art show

Hey thanks for the kind words everyone!

and thanks Monstermaker
Can you tell me a bit more about the Shadow Art Show it sounds interesting!?

I don’t know if you remember, I posted a few photos of an albino chimp on your ape thread a good while ago when I used to drop by to marvel at the gallery but I finally got a faster computer and a copy of ZBrush3 and man I’m having the time of my life with this thing!!!

Anyway thanks again everyone

and Dustbin1_UK Don’t you dare Quit on me man!!!

Keep on Z-ing

I remember that white chimp it was really cool.
Well I’m glad that you have discovered first hand the joys of ZBrush it is really fun isn’t it.
The October Shadows show was started last year by Taylor White and Bill Basso . It is an art celebration of everything Halloween. This year I lent them part of my studio for the event . There were over 60 artists participating and about 500 people at the opening. Lots of really great Halloween images ,sculptures ,and masks.
The on line gallery was suppose to be up now, but isn’t because of the enormous amount of art submitted this year. I feel for the guy doing the site , he has his work cut out for him,but I wish he would get it up as Halloween is almost here.
If you go here www.creaturefeatures.com you can read about the show and see the participating artists bios, and hopefully in a day or two you can see the work. As I said before your piece would have fit in well with the theme of the show

Sounds like Fun!

Unfortunately I’m in Scotland so I’ll be having my Halloween in the rain and carving Turnips instead of Pumpkins which is Hard going! lol!

Zbrush is a miracle to me as all other 3D packages have been too intimidating
Do you do any FX with computers these days? I was raised on rubber gore but sometimes CG can be stunning!

I will check out all the Shadows work when it’s up and thanks for your time.

Kept waiting for an entry by you to appear and many towels to be thrown in lol!
It’s been good fun and really taught me a lot and the comunity spirit here is second to none!

Keep on Z-ing

I take it everyone saw this entry to the creature feature?
stupid question as it’s top row… heh!:o
Anyhow it looks like a great show, I wish I could get accross the pond to see it!

Fishadder I’m still here! thanks for your encouragement! :wink:

Dustbin1_UK I saw that mad pumpkin sculpture and can’t believe this 3D printing thing!!! I want to get something done but i bet it costs a fortune!

Anyway I looked back at my original sketch and then re-jigged it with my progress so far and roughed in more of the kind of lighting and atmosphere I want for the final piece -


Also Quite worrying to see how much I still have to do!!! So I reckon this will be my last post for a while as I better get my head down and get Z-ing!

I aint getting this far to flop at the last hurdle lol!

Good luck all!

Wow this looks great! I’m so impressed!

I think pumpkin man should have a hand over his mouth and pointing at one of his parents. Or have him looking directly at the lantern on the right. It would make the picture make sense to someone who does’t know the back ground. When I first saw your concept I didn’t connect the punchline, though that may just be me being slow ;).

Other than that this looks amazing, your skills in this are impressive and the colour and feel of the picture is well within keeping of this competition.

No doubt we’ll see you at the finish, good luck. :D:+1:

Great Work

Hey dude, this is looking really good, i could say this is a final image right there. What you could do, its a bit of a cheat way, but could probably work and be effective and also be fast to achieve is, - you could lay a plane down, and shape it so it goes off in the distance a little to simulate the ground, then curve it up at the back to form a wall, you could then paint/texture the image for the bg you have there onto it with a flat shader so it doesnt show specular highlights etc if you get me, then you could paint some fibre grass or something onto the plane and also some pebbles or whatever for the road, and then place adjust your characters onto that plane so that way they cast shadows onto it :smiley: - just an idea :smiley:



Wow, wonderful work,very inspiring!!!
incredible dedication and love for the art… just can’t say enough:eek:

I love it, very cool feeling…:wink:

Thanks to all for the wonderful support!

I’m entering the final stages and hard at it getting all the trees done!
I’m also working on getting a realistic moon modelled! lol!
and the town and sky will be a sort of matte painting.
I still haven’t worked out a solution to the ground and path but thanks for all the tips and crits guys
and i wish everyone all the best for the deadline!

Keep on Z-ing

Man I can’t wait to see this one finished. I think you’ve done a great job so far and I expect this is going to be up there with the winners. :D:+1:

Keep at it fishy! We’re almost there!

man… your work have some serious chance of winning the contest… I would bet on it… it’s awsome!!

Well I think I Just about made it!
Here’s what it came out like in the end! -


I just hope I submitted it all correctly or I’ll cry!

You can see a better resolution version here -


Well I’m sorry I didn’t update much towards the end! It was all hands to the final piece but I will endevour to post some bits and bobs on how i created some of the new stuff and little details it was all too much fun.

It’s been a real steep learning curve for me as I’m relatively new to the wonderful world of ZBrush and my Work flow or Pipeline or whatever the jargon is? probably isn’t the most conventional way but I managed!

Everything was modeled, textured, rendered inc. the characters, trees, ground, clouds, the moon!, all those damn branches and fidly leaves!!! and most of the extra little twiddly bits in ZBrush!
Except for the hand drawn Pictures on the wall of Mr Pumpkins house, and the little town which I scribbled in a basic drawing package.
The sky colour, Kids hair and eyes, and little fidly hairs and things like shoelaces plus compositing and colour tweaking was done in Photoshop.

I have no idea how many polywotsits or pixel size it all is but i’m off to catch up on some well earned sleep and dream about pumkins again no doubt!

Hope you like the finished piece!?
It was an epic journey and I feel like I learned loads and made a whole bunch of new virtual art buddies along the way!
Thanks for all the support and encouragement guys!
good luck to all those who made it over the line and well done anyway if you ran out of time!
I’m sure we all agree it was a great competition.

There’s already so many stunning works turning up, they should make a book!

Keep on Z-ing!