Presenting ZBrush 4R7 (Updated with Summit Recaps)

Here are my video capture of the live stream second days demonstration. I think it is pretty good quality considering.


please pardon pixologic if this video is a problem i will take it down asap if you do not approve.

I think the new features are awesome. I will buy the keyshot bridge for sure. Pure awesomeness! I had hoped for a pixel based Texturing system with layers, something similar to mari. Vertex painting is just a paint for 8k or even 4 k maps and for lowpoly its complicated too. Maybe the next update then :slight_smile: Modeling wise this alomost makes other modelers obsolete for me. Maybe splines is the only thing i would miss, not much more that i can think of right now.

Thanks Pixologic!

Yea new features are great but I’m over the moon about the native modeling tools more than just about any thing else.

I really would have loved all this more if there were more attention paid to UV’s and Paint as well. I work in the cottage industry as a freebie maker (for now) using DAZ Studio. Well, all of the models we work with have multiple UV maps and the work around in ZBrush really is a bit klunky. And yea, layered painting and effects would totally rock. It would be bye bye to Photoshop for this sort of work.

Still thinking about Keyshot… I don’t use render engines that much, I’m more native so what ever is there I use to preview my works… BUT it does look very tempting. Reminds me a bit of Reality renderer a bit and don’t like Reality at all… very very slow!

Yeah I totally agree. I use Zbrush everday at work in a Game Studio. I would love to cut down the number of tools I have to use and work primarily in Zbrush. With the new modeling tools I could even get rid of max in my pipeline if I had proper UV tools in Zbrush. Mari would become obsolete for me if Zbrush had similar pixel based painting tools, and I see the potential!

I use Keyshot sometimes too for visualisation, and if the version that comes with the bridge is anything like keyshot 5, then it is extremely powerful for a lot of stuff. Its amazing how fast you get good looking renders.

web rez only one error https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3fwpcpNCG9WSGVadXZMWlhEMlU/edit?usp=sharing

Will take file down ASAP if you don’t want it up there Pixologic. :+1: thank you for this sneak preview.

My Second day video (First day information is Encore on the second)


ArtBot This is just a small request for clarification. I have a student version of Keyshot that lasts for one year and is up soon. I was hoping to test renders with ZBrush-to-Keyshot, and I did successfully in a way. But until I started testing, I was unaware that the size for my student version output was limited to only 1920. So I just want to check if this version of Keyshot will allow me to render 4K images… and even bigger, like 6K or even 8K. I love the results rendering from ZBrush to Photoshop…including a lot of the layer tricks that folks like Rafael Grassetti today have been kind enough to share. And I would love to work with and use Keyshot as well while rendering very large images. My question, will this version of Keyshot allow for this? If it will, I will be there in a flash. Thank you.

Q: Is “KeyShot for ZBrush” a full version of KeyShot?

A: YES! This special edition has all of KeyShot’s features but is designed to work exclusively with the “ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge”. (“KeyShot for ZBrush” is equivalent to KeyShot HD without the importers).
KeyShot HD is the base version of KeyShot and includes:

  • 2.1 megapixel realtime resolution
  • 4.1 megapixel offline rendering resolution

Dranix So what does 2.1 and 4.1 mean? This is the first company not stating a RESOLUTION.

PeterForret calculator.jpg

Totally awesome, thank you for the information ricor! Sure, the output size is limiting, but with every other feature working for that price, ill take it.

yeah I’d love to be able to download that because I don’t use twitter and I’ve really enjoyed the summit. and would have loved to have been able to have a chance to win one of those lovely prizes, even the tote bags…so with the head I would kinda feel like I got it from the summit…

kind regards

Thanks Jawa, I watched the movie and they did keep the best for the last day.

I am very impressed and can only congratulate the P-team with their work.

4.7 is indeed and once again an update that’ll make many other software companies jealous.

True polygon modeling tools inside ZBrush is like a dream come true.

Shear awesomeness from pixologic once again… Now I’m just super excited and need to know when it’s coming… Hoping it will be soon as I am working on a piece that really could benefit from the new box modelling and nano mesh…

So what does 2.1 and 4.1 mean? This is the first company not stating a RESOLUTION.

Megapixels are commonly used in photography. It means that you can render an image composed of 4.1 millions of pixel. Then it can be any width and height as soon as the number of maximum doesn’t exceed this value.

So when is the expected release date for this update? What month of the year does Pixologic usually release updates? :lol:

In Keyshot, 2.1 is 1920 pixels wide, or almost HD width equivalent. 4.1 would be around 4K width equivalent. This is the Keyshot that costs $995 in standalone version, which we can have for $249 with ZBrush 4r7. The PRO version of Keyshot gives unlimited resolution, but that costs $1,995.

That can’t be right: 4K and QHD both have around 4 times of FullHD: around 8 mpixels. So 4.1 has to be a very strange resolution. 4.1 on the Nikon D2Hs is 2,464 × 1,632. Strange resolution for any work imo.

I’m almost it tears. For the past 3 to 4 years, EVERYTHING I have dreamt about as been put in Z! NOW LOW POLY AND INSTANCES!!! Thank you SOO MUCH! Best Birthday Present EVER!!!

Amazing update of ZBrush !!!
Can´t wait to be released !!!
Thanks Pixologic

Matt Fagan-
Hi, also, it looks like the top word is “skinweld” (?) and the bottom word is “similar”.
That’s what it seems, after using PS to sharpen the image. :slight_smile:

@Mahlikus The Black they also mentioned one of your brushes live on air i think it was Mahcut