Presenting ZBrush 4R7 (Updated with Summit Recaps)

Presenting ZBrush 4R7


We are proud to announce ZBrush 4R7, which will be the final release in the ZBrush 4 series. More information about this version will be made available at a later date.:large_orange_diamond: We are currently deep in development of the 64-bit version of ZBrush and 4R7 will be the final 32-bit version.

We will be releasing a 64-bit public beta of ZBrush 4R7 on the same day that the 32-bit version is officially released for both Windows and Macintosh.
:large_orange_diamond: We are happy to announce a collaboration between Pixologic and Luxion, creating a Bridge for seamless interaction between ZBrush and KeyShot.

A ZBrush Bridge and KeyShot package will be offered at an MSRP of $349. However, we will offer an introductory pricing of $249. This offer will be available upon the release of ZBrush 4R7.

:large_orange_diamond: Take a peek at what we’ve been up to with these images created by Joseph Drust, Paul Gaboury and Thomas Roussel using the new ZBrush features as well as the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge:

Watch the Official Teaser:

Summit Recaps:
Beyond the teaser above, we have also compiled recap videos from our recent ZBrush Summit. These videos include highlights from the presentations by Walt Disney Animation Studio, Elastic, 3D Systems & Gentle Giant, Hasbro, Legacy Effects, Passion, Red Storm, Ubisoft, Raphael Grassetti, Josh Herman, Vance Kovacs, Dominic Qwek, Maarten Verhoeven and Danny Williams.


Part 1

Part 2

ZBrush 4R7 FAQ

Q: When will ZBrush 4R7 be released?
A: We currently anticipate that 4R7 will be released January of 2015. (See Here) Upgrade instructions and feature list will be posted at a later date.

All registered users - including those who will purchase ZBrush between now and the release of ZBrush 4R7 - will receive the 4R7 update free of charge!

Q: What is a ‘‘Public Beta’’?
A: It’s a special edition of ZBrush 4R7 64-BIT. The features are exactly the same as the 32-BIT 4R7 version but we have updated the core of ZBrush to take full advantage of 64-BIT processing power and memory (RAM) capabilities.

Q: Is the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge the KeyShot renderer?
A: No. The bridge only sends data from ZBrush to KeyShot. You still need to actually have KeyShot 5 or above installed on your computer in order for it to be able to render.

Q: What is “KeyShot for ZBrush”?
A: KeyShot for ZBrush will be the latest KeyShot HD version, with higher resolution capabilities and designed to work exclusively with the “ZBrush to KeyShot” bridge. Both will be available concurrently with the release of ZBrush 4R7 and available at an introduction price of USD 249.

Q: If I already have KeyShot, can I get the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge by itself?
A: Yes. The price for the Bridge by itself will be announced at a later date.

Q: Is “KeyShot for ZBrush” a full version of KeyShot?
A: YES! This special edition has all of KeyShot’s features but is designed to work exclusively with the “ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge”. (“KeyShot for ZBrush” is equivalent to KeyShot HD without the importers and with a higher maximum resolution.)

Q: Will ZBrush 5 have a 32-BIT version?
A: No. ZBrush 4R7 will be the last 32-BIT version.

Q: Which features will ZBrush 5 contain?
A: We are not announcing the features for ZBrush 5 yet, except that it will be 64-bits for Windows and Macintosh systems.

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That was a really helpful info Aurick. Thanks.


Will the special editon of Keyshot have the features of HD or PRO?

Going to have to miss today’s summit so hoping there is another email tomorrow with the inteviews and 4R7 reveals.

WOW! the new Box modelling tools are amazing :smiley:

:+1: Wish I could get a better look at the popup boxes I saw flashing by :wink: extremely helpful for ultra productive workflow. Newer capabilities look awesome too.

The modeling demos were awesome! I’m very stoked about the new box modeling features.

I am am much less enthusiastic about Keyshot after seeing these example renders though. The coffee pot glass is not good, …, basically all the reflectivity is off on all the renders and GI, leading me to believe that Keyshot is sub par as compaired to VRay, the new Cinema 4d r16 renderer, and others.

With that gripe aside, I am looking forward the next feature demos of Zbrush!

Looking forward to what’s left to come! :slight_smile:

Very cool.

There’s no glass in the coffee shot. That’s a grinder and the part that has coffee grounds in it is a dull plastic. I actually own that exact coffee grinder, it’s a very precise recreation of it. My only gripe would be that there’s a lot more of the grounds splashed up on the plastic when I grind.

So excited!! :smiley:

love it

Wow, Now with Keyshot and instancing and box modeling, I’ll rarely have to leave ZBrush for most of what I do. Can’t wait! Way to go Pixologic!

Awesome! Can’t wait.

Great show at Summit !
No lag this time. :wink:
Better day after day.
I really need ZB 4R7 !:smiley:

Oooh. Very excite!

I kinda like it when ZBrush SPRINGS these upgrades on us. Now I gotta stress on “when” this upgrade is coming and how long it will take for us to “certify” it at work. They wont let us load or use it til it goes through official channels and passes their IT tests. Oh well, I can use it at home at least. I hope the lack of a date doesnt mean months of waiting. We’ll get it when we get it I guess.