Presenting ZBrush 4R7 (Updated with Summit Recaps)

Thanks for this info it is very much appreciated.
I am wondering if the keyshot and keyshot bridge license will carry over and be usable in 5 or does something in 5 make that question irrelevant :wink:

This is just a small request for clarification. I have a student version of Keyshot that lasts for one year and is up soon. I was hoping to test renders with ZBrush-to-Keyshot, and I did successfully in a way. But until I started testing, I was unaware that the size for my student version output was limited to only 1920. So I just want to check if this version of Keyshot will allow me to render 4K images… and even bigger, like 6K or even 8K. I love the results rendering from ZBrush to Photoshop…including a lot of the layer tricks that folks like Rafael Grassetti today have been kind enough to share. And I would love to work with and use Keyshot as well while rendering very large images. My question, will this version of Keyshot allow for this? If it will, I will be there in a flash. Thank you.

Here’s what I could grab from the “ZMODELLER” *Updated!




Awesome Matt. Thanks :+1: Do Nothing…lol. I love it :smiley:

Great show at summit!
Congrats Pixologic Team!


Thank you Aurick and Pixologic!! I’m incredibly thrilled to see your progress and your generosity to this community (and 3D community) is a wash of grace!! Brilliant!

@Bad Penny, Thanks! Good eyes! :slight_smile:

Thanks Aurick and the team for all you do for us.

Fantastic new low-poly modeling tools and great to see integration with keyshot - with keyshot I am guessing those were not the best examples of possibilities of keyshot - I am certain you could do better :), at least I hope you can.
Not to be the downer but I was really hoping to see some enhanced retopo tools (they implement all these new brushes and zremesher which is fantastic but for a production ready model you always need full control so topology tools like in Topogun/3d Coat will always be required and retopology will always need to be done outside of Zbrush). Also for me personally as an overall package I was hoping to see pixel texturing otherwise again we need to look outside of Zbrush for that whether that is 3d Coat/Mudbox or Mari. I do understand that it would be hard to compete with specialized packaged like Mari but hey 3D Coat/Mudbox have better texturing capabilities. Let us only hope that 64 bit will allow us to subdivide model to the point that will be able to create 8K texture.

I am really impressed by whatever Pixologic brings to the tabled and in fact it is always revolutionary what you guys are doing it is just those things mentioned above for me personally would make Zbrush a complete package.
Great job.


Nanomesh loses it’s significance and it would be a damned shame if GoZ can’t export those instances, as instances, to various other supported apps.
I can replicate what they did there with polygroups exported and some surface painting or surfaces cloning tools available in most apps. But I would lose the flexibility of working locally.

You’ve provided obviously a beautiful new feature, I just hope it’s supported in more than just Keyshot. Don’t get me wrong, I love keyshot, but it’s not VRay.

Please reupload the FULL Gentle Giant interview, the DVR cut out when the livestream had problems.

Every time they’ve released something, it’s gotten closer and closer to fixing all of the problems I have with importing from non-poly based modeling programs. With how things look in r7 that I’ve seen so far, it may very well be possible that I can just import the unsupltable model in since I need that for exact sizing and just use it as reference and quickly pull out a box instead of having to go in and try and painfully do it via retopo or something. And with the ability to round edges out without screwing up the rest of the geometry now, I could possibly even import cutters for the shape and just round out edges without screwing up dimensions.

And being able to basically box model base meshes by pull faces out of things like they showed in the video and the female figure pic is the kind of thing I’ve been waiting for in ZBrush. Will really help with things that need to start with a more boxy shape and hard surface modeling. Especially given my importing problems.

Fantastic upgrade!
Thank you zworld!!!

-steve cas

Eye of Hawk

It would be great if you can get atleast 4k out of polypainting but with 64bit Im sure you can sub-d all the way up there!

64bit is cool, the new modeling tools look nice, but what about improving/fixing the zRemesher, and add subtools folders/groups?

this is also proof they will be charging for zbrush 5, which I think they should.

vert cool~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Can someone recap day 2 Zbrush demo?_?
I saw day 1 but missed day 2.
Any more features shown?