My Sketchbook (Kiran Naidu)

wow! nice thread. Looking forward for the update on yoga character. Some details should make it good :sunglasses:

Thanks a lot roosterking. This is my latest update on the model :slight_smile:


hey there,

very nice sculpt! just one critique.
She would fall to her left side. i think you should bend the foot a little bit.

anyway, keep up the nice work

wethand : Thanks for your feedback. I got the ref from this image

and herz the final corrected file.

3-8 Lachat yoga 11.jpg2705071263307533large.jpg


3-8 Lachat yoga 11.jpg

Great work, i take it this is not supposed to look like the woman in the reference. Only crit is the face seems cartoony and the rest seems realistic. The proportions might be what is throwing it off. Other than that very nice anatomy and posing.

Aberrant : you are bang on target :D. was wondering something wrong abt the output. you have made my day :sunglasses:. posting the updated version


I like the lighting adjustment. Im not sure if you plan on making another pass at the face, but if you do and want to make it the same level of detail as the body, I would focus on these things and in this order of importance. (Please keep in mind I am not an amazing artist and this is just my opinion.)

The Lips - They seem a tad too full and wrinkle free. try adding some fine wrinkles an refine the outer edge of the lips.

The eyebrows - They are too perfect and “drawn on” maybe just a bit fuller and some lines to represent hairs?

the forhead is missing some wrinkles, even if they arent deep i think there should be a few.

other than that everything is great, especially the body / anatomy.

I took a look at your portfolio and I want to say that your work is inspiring! I love all of your sculpts. My favorites are your Juggernaut , Warrior , and Guns are my favorites. I have seen your works around and they are all awesome!

Hi Kiran,

Nice work…Keep posting.

It looks like the foot on the ground needs to be more centered. If you look at the reference you can see the neck aligns with the foot. Good sculpt

Aberrant : Thanks for the feedback mate:D. I have added detail to lips and eyebrow. lines on forehead was looking hot so i removed it.
BhushanArekar : Thanks a lot man:D
RiVvenGuard : I have centered the leg and thanks for your feedback:D


This is new wip. This is dedicated to the game I love most. This is my base mesh, will start of detailing soon.

well herz some update on the model.

Your last two images do not show up.

its strange. they were right there when i had uploaded.


Great work! I think the detail on the brows adds some interest to the face. It seems just a bit too harsh. Just smooth the brows a tiny bit to get rid of the sharpness. Are you using the DamStandard brush? It looks like you are, and its a great one to use for fine details like the lip wrinkles and eyebrows. Turn the intensity down to something like 10 or 15 and give the lips a quick wrinkle pass. I see you have wrinkles but they could be a bit more refined. I may be getting nit picky and sorry for that if it seems that way.

On the new rugby player, very nice work as well. The face is a bit creepy :laughing: but looks correct in my opinion. Are you using a reference for this person or is it from your mind? Curious to know and if you have a reference please post. Great work as always. Keep it up. :+1:

Aberrant : thanks a lot for the feedback. As always bang on target. will keep those feedbacks in mind next time I post :smiley:


nice progress scrum. I loved the lady in yoga pose a lot. Looking forward for rugby wip:+1:

some updates




All really good stuff!

EricShawn : thanks a lot man.

Herz some update :smiley: