My Sketchbook (Kiran Naidu)

Hi Guys!

This is my latest work. African riding on rhino like his american counterpart who rides an horse. Hope you guys enjoy it. Critiques welcome :D <table class="fieldset" width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr><td> </td><td align="right"> </td></tr></tbody></table>![african_cowboy1.jpg|1100x1440](upload://jr6l2jzQqkFWIZjaZLdXDaP5YgE.jpeg)![african_cowboy2.jpg|1100x1440](upload://r8k78TZZoatSWfQXUUUuOrFIDOx.jpeg)![african_cowboy3.jpg|1100x1440](upload://6d8e4nKhwMkoRCeKFMiILrPcSwc.jpeg)










Nice Rhino rider! the rhinos’ lookign furious :smiley:

one more angle :smiley:




update on the hand




totally hillarious and epic work well done!!!

Looks great! :+1:

awesome work man:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

really beautiful!

Nice stuff , could improve the guys pose ,it will be a perfect piece then :+1:

First of all, This model is a wonderful idea. The Rino has a believable and dynamic pose. The rider seems to me to be leaning the wrong way. Having ridden horses, when the animal turns I lean somewhat into the turn drawing my Knee up in a slight flex to the inside of the turn and use my outside leg to counter the gravity that wants to push me to the outside. So the outside leg is more tense and takes the weight.

My torso rotates to the inside of the turn and I Draw my outside hand opposite of the turn across the front of my body towards the turn and my inside hand and arm Flex towards my body and draws in a dramatic way with my elbow back and down pulling the reins tight between the other hand and hand about in front of the nipple. My body would tip to the inside as well as being rotated to the inside.

Anyway, Thats just physics - not style. I still feel the sculpt is strong. keep going - Your headed for top row – I’m a long ways behind.

SolidSnakexxx, Medicinehorse7, canndis, Nattawat_OBBI, amruthRaju, Santis and earthtriber thnx for the feedback guys. Your appreciation helps me a long way :smiley:

Yes guys will study more ref images and try to correct the pose :+1:

Marvelous piece. I don’t know anything about the pose but I do have one observation/question. There is no bit in the rhino’s mouth and the rope just goes through an eyelet. How does the rider actually control the direction his steed is going in? Or, is he just along for the ride! :lol:

not being a seasoned rhino rider myself my guess would be the steering is all in the knees:lol:

MadMutant and earthtriber thanks for the feedback guys. Have made some corrections. Hope u guys like the update.








hilarious! love how his legs are all stretched! :smiley:
How did you make the grass? each one is a subtool (?)

Yeah! Giddyup ya beastie! Love the attention to detail, the rope being taut and the legs outstretched add a lot.

good, i love the rhino especially. Just the leg of the cowboy must be different.

thnx rulix36, anibalin, MadMutant and Star_Pingu for your feedbacks.

anibalin: Grass was done in maya using paintbrush and then converted into poly :smiley: