My Sketchbook (Kiran Naidu)

Hi Guys!

This was my first complete model in Z brush some time back. It was done as a practice to get familiar with Z brush and for CG Tantra competition. This Model was inspired by Sven Juhlin’s Juggernaut (http://svenjuhlin.cgsociety.org/gallery/718455/). After working on this model I gained lot of confidence to work on the african cowboy. I get inspired from great artists who post their works in Z brush. I make a point to visit the site everyday and You guys don’t disappoint me :smiley: . Hope you guys like it.


very good what is your thecnique for building forms

hmmm, I think this is more than just inspired by Sven’s work…

I was thinking the exact same thing…
Its a great model, but its his model lol.
Instead of saying inspired by, say that you were doing a version of his model.

nice forms

adampof, VinceRizzi and Framedworld thnx guys.

Framedworld and VinceRizzi : Well I can say its exact copy of Sven Juhlin’s Juggernaut. I needed to build my confidence. Well now I dont think I will be doing any more replica.

Herz more work of mine. I was tweaking it all these days. I used this image as a reference.


That looks great! The rib cage needs a much more dramatic angle in comparison to the hips. Keep posting.

wonderful plz check my works

Coming along nicely. I look forward to seeing it develop.

nice work

Storm, it´s´nt?.
Very nice work.

FelixCat, mjackson126, Aberrant, adampof and DAnconia thanks guys. your encouragement means a lot to me.

FelixCat : Yeah its storm:D

another old work of mine. Was working on the render output and some detail.






Looks very nice and clean. Don’t like the skulls though. Doesn’t really fit. Some vegetation might be more appropriate.

DAnconia : Thanks for your feedback. I wanted him to look ferocious and on killing spree :smiley:

Well herz another work which I had sculpted for CG Tantra for Nov competition.




great sculpt. i really like the lady. glamorous,mystic and vicious! :smiley:

great job on the girl, I was really enjoying the WIPs:+1:

Wow…love the lady with knife!

SolidSnakexxx, arun nagar and Al.Tintop. Thanx for your feedback guys.
herz the breakup




Beautiful model! The dress might need another level thou… To smooth the surface a bit…

How did you model this hair? Splines? It’s stunning!!!


wow! just look who visited my link :smiley: Fabricio Torres: Man great fan of yours. I love hulk and male bust. Its just amazing. Regarding the hair i blocked it out in maya and applied level 1 smooth and tweaked the alternate vertices, and cloth: I have to go for new system. Present one won’t support anymore divisons :o