My Sketchbook (Kiran Naidu)

So you did go for the good old poly modeling? nice.

Thanks for answering. :slight_smile:

Well herz my new WIP. Its about an past wrestler who thinks he has still something in him even though hez old. This is an wip. will soon update as it goes. hope u guys like it.

![lost hero.jpg|893x718](upload://rUjPLzF0fRS1gDxEjQcDqqeWVhM.jpeg)

Hey Kiran! Awesome work, man! you’ve definitely come a long way…:+1: I can see your hard work really paying off. Keep at it!:slight_smile:

ooooooooooh look whoz here! Thanks anand:D. Yeah I am getting a lot of time of late ever since I started working as a freelancer.

herz more update. Planning to make him hairy on chest and tummy.




again it looks great. i think adding some hair will be great too. :+1:

awesome lady work man, especially i love the hairs :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

herz the final version. Hope you guys like it. Critiques welcome and happy new year 2010 guys :D.




here is my new update on the work which i hav started. its about a young women doing yoga. her whole body is weighed on leg. I hav no idea abt the pose and its name. I got the inspiration from one of the image i came across. this is just a start and will post more as i progress


went through your portfolio. nice work you have. Waiting for the update on yoga one. :smiley:

some progress for today :smiley:


herz old work of mine. did some tweaking. Creature was inspired from selwys work


That looks so cool! Good job!

DAnconia : thanks a lot:D

well herz update



guys can you please help me on this. I am getting disturbances as i subdivide. Does any one have any idea about this?


No sure if this can help…
go to the highest subdiv level, and deselect all. then 1 more try.(you might have some dots select area.)

Did you Project all at any point with this subtool? You might have to retopologize it. When I extrude from a mask I always go down to the lowest sub divisional level and work my way up.

Thanks DAnconia and 99530869. I face this problem if I have a plain mesh without some thickness at the edge. Well now I have given the edges some thickness and its coming out well. Well herz another update on the model.


Here is another old work of mine. Modeled in maya and detailed in zbrush.




well found some time. Have updated on the details. Its still wip. Will update as soon as I get something done :slight_smile: