"Middle Button" Plug-in for ZBrush 4R6

Hello, I want to offer you the plug-in for ZBrush 4.6 (PC version) which allows to use the middle mouse button for navigation in a viewport in drawing/editing modes.
You can use one of three presets of key patterns for panning/rotation/scaling on the “Presets” tab in a plug-in window.
On the “Shortcuts” tab you can to see key patterns for the current preset, and also can set the combinations for preset “Custom”.
Don`t forget to press “Apply” button after change of key patterns to save it in “Custom” preset.
The behavior of the program in case of navigation with a switched on plug-in similar to behavior in the “Blender” program, i.e.
if you release a keyboard shortcut in case of being executed action of panning/rotation/scaling, action won’t be cancelled/changed while shortcut key on a mouse is pressed.
I hope my plug-in will be useful for you.

To install unzip files to \ZStartup\ZPlugs folder.
Please report bugs to denis_vic@mail.ru

MiddleButton.jpgMiddleButton_1_0_4R6.zip (11 KB)

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Very usefull tool !
Thanks for this amazing gift !

I had to take the time to thank you for this glorious gift to humanity and zbrush users… was driving me nuts :smiley:

Thanks, greatly appreciated.

Amazing gift indeed! Many thanks!

thank you very much !!! :slight_smile:

I’ m gonna try it and I will can say more,
thank u again !

Great for navigation on models, just what was needed.
Just one question - Does it saves your custom settings & where?

Thank you, much appreciated.

Hi, thank you for response.

Plug saves custom settings in “\ZStartup\ZPlugs\MiddleButton\custom.zvr” file.

Thanks for replying.

Am I really seeing ZOOM at the bottom there?? OMG. I’ve been wanting to use my middle scroll to zoom in and out for the LONGEST time. :smiley:

In the latest version of ZBrush shortcuts of scaling carry out zoom in tool editing mode.

Works great. I chose the Blender preset as I like a 1 incremental zoom ratio. The 3D Max gives I think a 3 incremental zoom ratio which is less control than I like.

I waited for this for such a long time.
It’s like walking with two legs again. :wink:

Using the Cintique 21ux side stripes for zooming is now happening by default, like in all other apps, as it should be.
This brings zbrush a little step towards world standard UI.


lost the alignment viewport of press shift:)

It works as follows: you press “rotate” shortcut, start rotating then press “Constrain to 90-degree” shortcut and align viewport.

1.1 - Fixed bug with popup menu on right mouse button click. Besides now middle button click will cause a popup window too.
1.2 - Removed shortcuts with right mouse button because it caused wrong functionality with gizmos. Now the right button behaves as usual.
1.3 - Reduced mouse wheel zoom step.

Remove the previous version before installation of plugin.MiddleButton_1_1_4R6.zip (11.2 KB)MiddleButton_1_2_4R6.zip (10.8 KB)MiddleButton_1_3_4R6.zip (10.9 KB)

Very nice Plugin.
Thank you.

This is a great plug-in.
This plug-in testing, the problem was found.
This plug-in to work properly,
[Enable] button OFF state, must be every time restarted ZBrush.
Windows 7 64bit…

Hi, what happens if “Enable” button is in “on” state on ZB restart?

Hi, Denvi
I fall short of English writing skills.
The problem with this plugin,
to [Enable] state, the ZBrush restarted, the plug-in does not work.