"Middle Button" Plug-in for ZBrush 4R6

May be problem with 64-bit Windows, I will test it.

Hi, Denvi
This plug-in is suspected conflict.

Axis Tool Position 4R6 update.zip


Can not confirm. Tested on 64-bit win7 w/wo “axis” plug. All works fine.

Hi, Denvi
Deleting all the other plug-ins, the same phenomenon.
[Enable] button is not clicked once. [Enable] button is double-click should work.

MiddleButton_1_3 [Enable] Button issue (Enable Button action Video)

All buttons are fixed.MiddleButton_1_4_4R6.zip (12.1 KB)

Would love to see this nice plugin for mac also !

Feature works well.
Thank you very much.

That’s a golden plugin. Thanks very much!


Thank you for this middle button plugin.
This is going to require me to use it!

i installed in the zplug file. kept zbrush from opening. any idea what is causing it, please help

i installed in the zplug file. kept zbrush from opening.

Hi, please list:

  1. ZBrush version;
  2. OS;
  3. other installed plugins.

windows 7, zbrush 4r6, only plugins that came with zbrush 4r6

Try updating to ZB4R6P2 ?

Thank you soooo much for this. Works like a charm!!! It feels awesome been able to navigate in Zbrush with the mouse. :D:D:D

Hi, please execute the following actions:

  • remove existing “MiddleButton” plug;
  • unpack attached zip to “ZStartup\Zplugs” folder;
  • start ZBrush;
  • post contents of “ZStartup\Zplugs\MiddleButton\log.txt” file.MiddleButton_1_4_4R6_DEBUG.zip (12.7 KB)

:+1: :+1: :+1: :smiley: Thanks :smiley: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Is a Mac version planned/possible? :wink:


Great, great gift!!!

I love it :smiley: I’m just working my way into ZBrush and the one thing getting on nerves was the viewport navigation :+1: