Mech Armor Helmet

Hello again ZBC! For some time I’ve been greatly excited by the hard surface tools that have been developed within Zbrush. After seeing the latest works from the folks at id as well as artists like Marco Plouffe I was inspired to grab a concept and build.

This piece is based on concept art by Brian Coughlan

While I have dabbled and designed in hard surface doing the work completely from start to finish in Zbrush was new to me. I relied primarily on Zmodeler, and Zremesher for clean forms and brushwork for detail.
The game Rez was partially built in Maya along with the use of base geo from Zbrush. The model was Textured in Substance Painter and presented in Unreal Engine 5

The project was put together in my spare time over the course of a few weeks from start to finish.

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Looks great, left me wanting to see more, like the full character :wink: Keep it up Jesse!.

Nice work, I like to see the wire frame and you have one to show. Good topology!

Thanks so much Jamie! I wish I had a full character concept of this to work from but after my last 2 full character projects The DOOM Hell priest and Boyd Crowder and my full-time work picking up, the scope of this suited my time requirement best. I really enjoy using Zbrush for hard surface work and I’m excited to try some of the newest features. Hopefully, my next piece will be more of a full character!

Love the mech work!!

true masterpiece

Thanks Shawn. I was happy to share the topology as this was a focus for me to use Zmodeler and crease workflows more. Though the Game rez mesh is a bit different especially with the faceplate. Glad you like it!

Thanks! I enjoyed building this peice.

Thank you soo much!