Boyd Crowder

I am pleased to showcase this model of Boyd Crowder from the FX series Justified portrayed by Walton Goggins. it has been a journey to finally revisit a full character build and see it through to completion. Built for real-time and showcased here in Unreal Engine has been a learning experience for me. To complete this asset I have used Zbrush, marvelous designer and Substance painter, along with Maya for assembly and game rez retopo as well as Unreal Engine for shading, lighting and rendering. I have applied both hand painted and tiled textures as well as trim for the stitching. The hair is the new Unreal groom combined with Xgen and Fibermesh from Zbrush. I look forward to share more thorough breakdowns in the near future.


Here’s a few recordings I did from Unreal


A few of the Wireframes of the game rez asset

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Heres a look at the progression on the model.

I used the Nanotile Textures Plugin to build my fabric tileables.

Here are also some close up and breakdown images of the Beretta which was also modeled in Z-Brush. Utilized a mix of ZModeler and Live boolean tools.