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Dear Zbrush community,

After I have found some time to play with the stunning ZB3, I realised the matcap feature is a extremely powerful tool for illustrations. There have already been some great matcap posts and I would like to open this thread for everyone to post their own findings and results regarding this feature.

Let me start with an own little pack. It contains realtime materials from 3 different sources: from the matcap tool, handpainted ones, and some from Mental Ray renders. Especially the handpainted ones are sooo much fun and can possibly give your illustrations your very own unique paint like look! Start up photoshop and paint your own mats, very nice! :slight_smile: I hope to see more posted to this thread.

As for the MR mats, please bear in mind that reflection and lighting is baked in, so obviously they will never be physically correct, but its more than enough for most illustrative tasks.

In hope for a lot of contributions,

For an excellent summary about getting started with matcap please see Svengalis post below!






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Very cool materials Erklaerbar, thanks for those, and smart idea to start a dedicated thread. I haven’t had time to look much into Matcap yet, so no contribution from me for now. :cry: But: I invite those with knowledge about Matcap to help E make this thread grow; we did the same thing on the Topology & Flow Lab, and so far it’s a very rewarding experience.
Go Matcap! :+1:

heres a mine sofar
[]materials.JPGMaterials1.zip (490 KB)Materials2.zip (485 KB)

Wow!!! thank you soo much!!!
i will use it today yet in my Wolverine!!!

thank you

Alex Oliver

Thanks guys for the great Matcaps so far!I bet we see some really great additions to this thread!


great post silverfox:) thank you! There are some very nice ones in there.

PS: I now added some shaderballs too:bulb: Makes it easier for people to see what they need.

Thanks guys!

Hey thanks you guys. I’d put my own on but I don’t know how. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Fantastic idea to have a dedicated thread, but I gotta say, it wouldn’t work in most places. The generosity and support of people here never ceases to amaze me! The previous post suggests the possibility of someone knocking up a quick how-to for us nuff-nuffs Great idea I think!:+1:

Thanx for these great looking mats guys, they look great!:slight_smile:

Smart start, E. Your mats are stunning and very individual. Thanks for sharing!

Some ZWIKI Resources:

First thing that will help is a link to the MatCap Wiki Page with an excellent introduction to concepts:

* 1 Introduction * 2 MatCap Basics * 3 MatCap in Action: Photo Integration * 4 How Does it Work? * 5 MatCap Materials * 6 MatCap Provides Immediate Visual Feedback * 7 Sampling From Photo Reference o 7.1 Setup o 7.2 Defining Surface Normals o 7.3 Defining Specularity o 7.4 Adjusting Normals o 7.5 Fine-Tuning * 8 Capturing Real-Time Materials From The Canvas * 9 Capturing A and B Material Maps o 9.1 Reptile Skin Example o 9.2 Metal Pipes Example

Next A Meats step-by-step tut using a photo of a scull to create a convincing MatCap skull material (you can also download Meats’ custom sculpy material there.)

In part three of Sebcesoir’s World Tour Tutorial he offers a nice idea for creating and rendering the MatCap Sphere outside ZBrush, with excellent “Mimic Material” results.

Happy MatCapping!


I have these chrome matcaps i just whipped up …

Rapishere link

CheersChrome matcaps.jpg

The MatCaps I made were from DarkTree Shaders in Lightwave. I got permission from DarkTree to share them, but the 40 materials occupy 7.8MB download. I have them stored as a single zip file on RapidShare. Here is a link to download them: SloshMATS

I posted these in another thread a few days ago but they got lost in the shuffle, as often happens on ZBrushCentral. I don’t know if anyone has tried to download them yet, so someone let me know how the link works out.




Cool Stuff

Many thanks to you Oli.



Good idea to put these all together. I’ve just copied over a post I made a few days ago…

awesome contributions so far, many thanks to everone involved, great materials!

Thank you
E. (who really needs to rush off to work now :confused: )

I get “There is currently no text in this page” when clicking your link, Sven.


Yeah, me too… The page has been deleted. I’m going to remove the link from my previous post.


Ah, found this thread too late, already posted these as a separate thread.

This is a a small compilation of rather nice MatCap materials I have made since I got my hands on Zbrush 3. Most of these are made from photos I’ve taken.

Download here: matcaplibrary01.zip


huge thanks to all contributors for these great materials!

thanks to everybody for your fantastic materials