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thanks, vidar! i looove your human skin 1 material.

Great to hear that! :slight_smile:

I’ll make another compilation soon, hopefully before I go on vacation next week. :smiley:

Thanks guys, those materials are great!:+1:


My first MatCap from following Meats Meiers’ plastic skull MatCap tutorial:

Rendered in ZB with Best:

Lights:Shadows set to:
Uni: about 50
Dist: about 128
Rays: about 90
Aperture: about 50ZBSkull_MatCapOnly.jpgjlm_ShinyOldSkull.zip (86.1 KB)

Thanks to all! :+1:

Great Mats guys but Jays bone one is now my new default, superb material… :+1:

Thought it would be good to add my materials I put in my doodles thead here. oh and the only reason the Shiny Paint matcap is that color is because its got an orange color on the mesh. Its actually the same as the pink shiny paint shader that Erklaerbar had in his matcaps. Enjoy.


So many nice materials and so little time to test them!
Thanks to all who have shared!!!

:grimacing: thank you to do the “zbrushing” more easy…:wink:

Great matcaps! :+1:
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, yes. Thank you all very much!!

Here is my contribution. Plus some of my custom made Skin shaders. Enjoy.Link to My Matsmats-1.jpg

thanks man, they look great!

I think its the best to collect all the materials in this thread, so i post mine here again:



maybe the attached mat can serve as a tweaking base
for broncelike materials.redwaxbronce.jpgredwaxbronce.zip (212 KB)


redwaxbronce.zip (212 KB)

great mats everyone :slight_smile:

some more:

http://www.notone.ch/refills/ok%20set.zipmatcap kugeln.jpg

They look really really cool ! I am doing some web project right now and seams like they gonna be usefull! Lovely work - thank you!

Thanks a lot, all

Erklaerbar’s matcaps seem to be crashing Zbrush. Can anyone provide an explanation for this.

:confused: If noone else reports any similar experiences I’ll gladly delete or edit this post rather than defame some really beautiful matcaps.

Update: Yeah, I guess that in general some matcaps are crashing Zbrush for me and others other aren’t. I don’t understand it.