Intervain's Sketchbook

great job Intervain

i think the facial expression and propotion of the Head is a bit different than

the main sculpture,here is another view of the Richard’s sculpture

shraga - thank you :slight_smile:

3mm - thanks! I agree - I have to say I decided just not to make it identical … I saw that view before but it’s another sculpture, with the same pose but a much rougher and unfinished look than the one I’ve referenced. Thanks for taking the time to find it :+1:

Well the holidays are over so it’s time to start work again :smiley:

I was asked for some renders of the Old Woman, which gave me an excuse to finally correct some stuff that was bugging me… I guess it’s a neverending WIP:


Also I wanted to model an alien for a long time but for the past 2 years I’ve only had this fabulous sketch by Joshua James Shaw in my head in relation to the topic…
Thankfully the artist has kindly agreed for me to meddle with his excellent concept. I’ve decided to make my version of it into a bust. I’ve only finished the base mesh today and done a tiny bit of sculting - tons more to go [including texturing]… I call him The Alien Sage :slight_smile: - hope you like the humble beginnings:


Intervain beautiful work and glad to see the new work, the face of Alien Sage is pretty close to the sketch, looks nice, the roughed out cloth is very nice and i really like the basemesh of the hands.

waiting to see the next level … keep it up :+1:

Awesome work on the alien so far! A very unique concept!

Elegant yet GAH! I bet the alien could eat a human head with that mouth.

As always, I am superbly impressed by your work. I am still trying to figure out how to get such “tight” edges and smooth surfaces. I am stoked to see more of this alien, the old woman looks fantastic as well. Keep it up man!

Also, where did you make your base mesh?

Really Amazing work on your Wip Magdalena and… The Alien Sage is simply Fantastic!!! :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:

Great concept ! he looks like an alien robot priest :slight_smile: i hope you paint him someday…

very cool update for the Old Woman.:smiley: :+1:

nightwoodwolf - thanks :slight_smile:

KrakenCMT - glad you like it…

womball - LOL if need be :wink:

Pittgilman - thank you! the base mesh was made with XSI

piz - thanks :smiley:

Aumakua - Thanks. I will - well that’s the plan, and soon too :slight_smile:

rodin vlasov - thank you :slight_smile: I’m glad you like her!

That alien reminds me of some of the cartoonist John Byrne’s work from back in the 70s. Did you ever see his Starlord (I think that’s what it was called), for instance?

well the alien’s still hovering somewhere waiting his turn… I haven’t updated in a while :roll_eyes: Here’s a new WIP I started this past week - only a few hours of sculpting so far - hacking in the major shapes …lots and lots more to be done :grimacing: Hope you like the start :slight_smile:

very refreshing subject matter…not a bare breast or triple jointed leg in sight. Lovely work

Hey intervain, nice to see new stuffs:+1:

Cool work on the alien…

The lady is starting really well… nice proportions and posing:+1:
Will check the progress of this character with attention!

Great start…
would love to see this finished…Are you going to stick with the bronze material…or will you be texturinng this one…???

She looks elegant. Wonderful detailing. I hope to see this go all the way.

Always loved those old fashioned dresses. Imagine if we all walked around in top hats and tails to work everyday! Yikes!

Glad you still keeping this thread going. Always a pleasure looking at your work.

Intervain, really Beautiful Work!!! :+1: :smiley:

Excellent work as usual Magda! :+1:

Just a question, how about the eye brow are, it’s a very sharp line you have there, is it supposed to look like that, or are you going to change that to a more smoother line?

i like the new model … the folds and the dress … very nice post Intervain