Intervain's Sketchbook

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to make 1 thread for all my future WIPs instead of starting a new one every time :slight_smile:

Here’s my current ongoing project - still a bit to go till the end. It’s a little tribute to Richard Macdonald, one of my fav sculptors. I don’t mean it as an exact copy of his sculpture since I only have 1 side image of it available and most of what I do is guesswork…
It’s more of an exercise + an experiment in matcaps as well - I want a bronze look with some tool marks visible in it rather than a polished surface so I started making all the bumps and stuff on him [in case you were wondering lol]

I hope you’ll like it:


love the pose! good sculpt:+1:

Ooh. This turned out really good. Would this be bronze sculpted (I don’t think they usually do that) or bronze cast of a wax mold of a clay sculpt? I think that would determine the type of tool marks that would work best. I think you could still add a few more fabric wrinkles push the tensed tendons in the forearm. And other minor touches.

I predict a top row for this thread, odd feeling. :wink:

wow excelent work…:+1:

Awesome anatomy work as always :slight_smile: great material as well, thanks for sharing with us Magdalena :wink:

Superb work… cnt wait to see more:+1:

hey intervain !
great work…inspiring…i like it…at the moment i`m very busy for this workshop , it was a great workshop…

Hey Mag, great job! I love Richard’s work as well. Keep the other wips coming :+1: :wink:


stunning work! love it !

I’ve alwys loved Richard Macdonald’s work and was just revisting some of the images myself a few nights ago. Really nice work, its always a pleasure to see your latest sculpts . :slight_smile:


awesome sculpt and very nice transpose. :slight_smile: :+1:

Looking ace, I love the theme of the piece, different to what we normally see. Altho, I feel for the guy, he must have toes of steel to perch on the corner of the cube like that :smiley:
If I were to be anal, i’d say the ball on his foot looks as if it wouldn’t balance there, and would roll down the curve of the foot, but i assume that’s just me.
Keep it up, looking forward to updates.

Erklaerbar - thank you!

womball - thanks! I don’t want too many wrinkles on the cloth - for one thing the original sculpture has very few and I also referenced a real ballet dancer and surprisingly those thights are so fitting they really have only a few creases on them… I will add a bit more to the body still :slight_smile:

krishki - thanks!

Aumakua - thank you!

Sebcesoir - thanks very much! Means a lot coming from you!

skulll_monster - does that mean you’ll join us?! :slight_smile: there’s still time!

Antropus - AWWW Kris - I DO love you :):wink: not as fast as yourself but I’ll try to post more soon :slight_smile:

abe_Tamazir - cheers! Glad you like it!

DarthWayne - thank you!

gookle - thanks :slight_smile:

NoirQ -something different than the usual zbrushing is what I wanted so thanks :slight_smile: LOL I agree but like I’ve said it is based on someone else’s concept hehe…

I love this. That’s great anatomy and I like the way you expressed bronze.:slight_smile:

This piece is just stunning ontop of your website being a wonderfull journey through your learning and refining your skill.

your an inspiration, keep goin man.

hi Mag
you’re like a machine, keep that

have you got spare time at your job? (I envy you) :smiley:

cheers :+1:

Beautifull work…looking forward to see more from you.

Awesome. Good material. You handle Zbrush very well.

Wow. Great pose. Like everyone said, I look forward to seeing more from you.

Thanks for introducing me to the art of Richard Macdonald :smiley: .


i like the pose and for sure the material … looking forward to see more … great work keep it up :+1: