Looks amazing, I love what you’re doing with this. :slight_smile:

Again, very good!

small update to skin


Been looking forward to seeing this further along, and it great to see it get better and better, wow.

There’s a little something weird with the position of the girl against the tree…
Its kinda confusing…

Everything else is awsome…!

That was preview lighting. I think Best Render with shadows will clear things up pretty quick.

Wow, you really nailed the skin in that last image!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Looks reallly really good. The skin still looks a bit waxy. keep it up.

I love that kind of creatures (elves, faunes, goblins, …) and that are really cool, maybe some more work on the skin, it look a little shiny
keep the good work


Thank you for all!

Sebcesoir: thanks man, actually, the final render will clarify the pose well. I’ve asked my wife to pose me for that so it’s almost a “snapshot”. The preview shadow doesn’t support the scene too much, but the final render will do. Ctrl-Z is right about it

Plakkie: thanks man, it’s my holy grail, the skin…I used XSI to render, but I plan a pure zbrush version also, because it looks like that displacement mapping cannot give back the details I need. But the main goal is to use MR fast_skin shader, it gives a lot.

vlad74, OberonKing: no specularmap has been painted yet, but I noticed that the arm is really too shiny! And Oberon, I do love them also!

Here’s a new render with some environment. The Ivy was created using…Ivy Generator! I know that the leafs are too large, so I need to recreate it, but for a temporary render that’ll do:


This is coming along very nicely. I think it’ll be phenomenal once you put all the elements together.

This just gets better and better. I wonder, though, you’ve been working on it for quite some time. Is this a normal workflow thing for you (do you spend weeks on a project normally) or is it that you’ve been working in your spare time? Not trying to say you’re slow, just wondering. I get bored with a project after a couple of days (sometimes sooner). At any rate, the time you are putting into it is definitely paying off. I think rushing it would have resulted in much less quality. Compared to the first WIP, I would have stopped watching this thread after awhile, but each time I visit I am newly pleased.

Actually, I work as a technical director at a 3d outsourcing company, and I have two kids at home, so I don’t have too much time to work on it. Generally I used to loose my interest in two weeks or so, and I had this loss of interest two times during this project, but now I’m really interested. Generally I can`t pay more then 4-6 hours per week, and these hours use to spend during the night. All in all, basic modelling took about two or three days, UV layout a day, posing was really hard to find the best, zbrush itself was no more than two days (including coloring). The most of time was spent experimenting with displacement rendering, skin shader adjusting, hair adjusting, light adjusting, etc. Also I spent a lot of time restarting the 32bit WinXP, suffering due to memory allocation bugs, now I have Vista 64, and had no similar problem since the install.
Generally I’m a fast guy, but home projects…sometimes I used to stick so fine details, that nobody picks, like skin fold where the armbrace pushes the skin, etc.

And I’m happy, if you like the image. Next week I try to finish

Here’s an overpaint plan of skin patches. I like to give this creature a little animal feeling, so I’m thinking of adding patches along her shoulders, upperarms, and lower arms, and her legs. The image shows the basic idea, as an overpaint. What do you think? Maybe, I’ll leave her leg unhaired, if the pattern will look good enough


Really nice! It reminds me of a giraffe in a way with the spotting pattern. I think it looks good. :slight_smile:

Wow, man! That’s really coming into into it’s own. I like the spots and as a personal preference feel she shouldn’t have hair on her legs :smiley: Like the pose and can’t wait to see what you’re gonna come up with in the end. Keep up the good work!


Hello mate,
I had a look at your post, nice work indeed!
I’m working on something not too dissimilar (human with cowlegs and horns kind of creature) but your approach is more of a classic one, mine more fantasy, but both equally cheesy (but I’ll beat you soon on this).
Just writing to help you with the morale and motivation really. Finish it dude!!
What you wrote made me laugh, I mean, where you talk about your short attention span, lack or spare time and nocturnal work… I have exactly the same issues! I hope you don’t loose interest and get this one done. Which is the same I often hear from a little voice inside my head…


ps.I’m not that sure about the Giraffe pattern.

I know what you mean too. My day job takes up more time than a job should really have to, so I don’t have a lot of time now for my fun projects.

This work is cool as hell. It beats 3/4ths of what I’ve seen on this board in the last few weeks, so keep your spirits up.

I`m very familiar with the lack of time issue but you have to finish this piece, with a nice render and a background this will be one of the images featured in many places over the net as outstanding cg work.

As a personal preference, I would go for some really nice and super detailed hair instead of those patterns. The spots take away from her…humm…beauty.

Since I`m still looking at the last two images, another thing: without the paint/spots her skin looks fresh, young, alive. The painted version looks a little bit old.