I had a small trip with mudbox, but returned to here…I’m working on this character. I have two composition ideas, and four ideas for lighting. Please give me honest critique, I need it truly, I’d like to make this piece as good as I can. Here are the images:


And the compositions are these:
Story is that she is the Fauna, happy inhabitant of the forest, playing on her panpipe, etc.
She’s the Fauna with a bunch of stolen fruits (yet to be modeled), and hidden behind an old tree. She’s looking back to her hunters, and ready to flee.

I’m before the zbrush pass, and I like to give details according to the pose. Everything (tree, stone, etc) is planned to be zbrushed.

Thank you for your time








Hi Jester, I am not much of a modeller, but my preference is the fleeing pose. By far it has a much better feel to it. The only thing I can think of as maybe thinking about is this: if I am fleeing, would my right hand be so open as hers is? I dunno. I tend to think it would be in a more ready state for fleeing. But that pose definitely has a quality that strikes me right off. The other just seems like a standard female kind of pose.

BTW, very EXCELLENT modelling!


OPPS Jester, I just remembered what you said in the post, and now I know why her hand is open. It is for the fruit. I definitely go with that pose!

Sorry for the mix up.


the last pose is perfect. can’t wait to see it finished :+1:

Yes the last image wins my vote.

Definitely composition 2, and I like lighting #2 as well.

hey!! great job!

I also prefer the second pose, and I think about lightning it would be better for the “flee notion” that there is a part of shadow in the image

, all the more so as her face will turned towarde the light, contrary to the main part of the body wich is ready to flee, using dark places to be less seeable…
so lightening number 1 would be ok
the numbers 4 and 3 are too dark, and the 2, too bright for me.

I wait for ups (wat’s the worls, update, upgrade, both can be ok?)!

So this is the final composition, light and camera. From now, everything will get zbrushed…


Everything is done in XSI, but the small plants are Maya paintFX converted to polygons, and crosswalked to XSI



I will be planting grapes in anticipation. :cool:

that’s definitely the more dynamic pose. I get the lighting too, if she is hiding, having her in shadows makes sense in a way, but in terms of composition, I liked the ones with direct sunlight on her much better, creates bright areas and high contrast on the figure and makes her a natural focal point. she just doesn’t really pop as much if she is in the shade, and trying to make her stand out anyway would likely make the light look less natural.

that’s my 2 cents

damn that’s looking awesome though. can’t wait to see it finished.

Great work. I wait for detailed version.

Absolutely gorgeous work! :o My jaw just dropped to the floor! I cant wait to see the final result! Keep us posted!

This really has top row all over it.

Hhhmmmm, I liked the first image for lighting. The hair is far too course and rough looking. Finer, smoother hair following the lige would be better, similar to a deer/fawn. It will make her less scary and capture the femininity of the underlying structure.

So what was done in Zbrush?

Great work,
agree with Jason for the first picture.
await the Ztouch!!

Emmanuel. (ô_ô)

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I disagree with Jason. The course hair makes her look more natural, more at home in a forest. And also more like a satyr. Seeing this creature I wonder why nobody has ever before decided that satyrs need not necessarily be male, like myth have us believe. Even though this creature is not as fine and pure as a mermaid or a nymph or even a dryad, I think she doesn’t lack anything in feminity (that from a guy who thinks hairy legs on a woman are gruesome!).

I like the decisions you’ve made on the lighting and the pose, and the camera angle puts some nice movement in the picture. Keep up the good work! I’m sure this will be a stunning masterpiece. Can’t wait to see your progress!

Thank you all! Jason I agree you to a point, but I always imagined her as a kinky girl, a little wild, and so on. I think if I decide to make a nymph, the softness would be the key element.

Actually nothing is zbrushed yet, I had it before, but the ztool was damaged, so I couldn’t use it for render. LAter I had a trip to mudbox, but I found mudbox clumsy compared to zbrush (not saying it because of this is a ZB forum, that was my experience). So if my family let me work today, I can zbrush her.

Curretn camera, pose, ligthing, and hair:


spectacular… cant wait to see it all done. love her gesture.

These is really amazing work, Jester. I love the lighting, the camera angle, her expression. Everything so far. Love the vines on the tree, too, and her braid. You know what, I like it all. I really want to see this finished. Top row, for sure.

great work i wait for the zbrush version:eek: :eek: :eek: