Hello Zbrush users

here is a little new years present of mine! Some people asked me to do more angles on my Plugin. So now i made a new
extendet Version, with new button names.
The new button helps to understand on which Canvas Axis your tool it’s going to turn.

link to the old version:http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?161588-quot-Axis-quot-Plugin-for-ZBrush-4r2
Hope you like the new version




First remove your older Version.
Just unzip the file ant put it in your startup/ plugin folder.
After starting Zbrush you will find a new subpallete " Axis Tool Position" in your toolpalette.

Axis Tool Position 4R6.zip (3.08 KB)

Here is a little update to the NEW VERSION.

Some people asked me if could toogle the button, so that you can see which position is activ.
Butt sorry , I got now idea.

Here i show a part of my commands, maybe someone can help me:

[ISubPalette,“Tool:Axis Tool Position”]

[ISubPalette,“Tool:Axis Tool Position:Axis Front Position”]
[IButton,“Tool:Axis Tool Position:Axis Front Position: FR XYZ 0”,“Front Position (by R.Kaiser)”,

So, here the update

Axis Tool Position 4R6 update.zip (3.22 KB)Axis Tool Position 4R6.zip (3.08 KB)Axis Tool Position 4R6 update.zip (3.22 KB)




So I was wondering if scripts like this one work on the 64 bit version of Zbrush?

This one actually work u just need copy it to zplug64 folder…

I can confirm the Axis plugin 4R6 version works with 4R7 64bit. Just drag and drop to Zplug64 folder.

Thank you again Roland!

You welcome MetaFirefly .

Yes, i’m also happy that the Plugin still work on ZB4 R7

Greets Roland

Thanks kind sir. Due to various circumstances, I had to make the 6 buttons that I did :wink:

Thank you very much Roland for a VERY useful plugin :slight_smile:

Hi, it still works on 4R8, many thanks for this tool!
It didn’t showed up at the beginning for some reason when I put it o ZStartup folder.

Thanks Roland Kaiser

Confirmed, still working in 4R8 P2. :+1:

It works on 2018! woohoo!

yes, i’m happy too. It still works :wink:

Hi Roland,

Many thanks for this useful ZPlugin. I’ve moved the .zsc to my ZBrush 2018 ZPlugs64 folder, but it doesn’t show up in the ZPlugin drop-down menu. Am I doing something wrong?



Never mind, I didn’t read your post correctly, sorry. It’s not in the ZPlugins menu, but in the Tool menu. :o:)

Thanks again,


thanks you very useful addon.

you welcome.:wink:

Screenshot (323).png
Just want to share how I use it I made a custom menu arranged it kinda like pie menu of the other program
I also assign hotkey for importance view, seriously I can’t use zbrush without this anymore.

it’s the best way to change the view I’ve tried so far since this add on is only change orientation of the object not your point of view
the best scenario is when I zoom in and want to change the view.

I’m also have some suggestion that you should add obique view would be even better like 45 from top and 45 from right it’s a good pov for visual presentation.

Thank you very much…this saves a lot of time! I was using zapplink for this.