" Axis " Plugin for ZBrush 4r2

Your script is great, it should be standard. It is in my custom UI.

Awesome Tool ! I was looking for a plugin like this! Thank You for making a very useful plugin!:D:D:D

Great plugin. Thanks!

Would be nice if you could add a user definable rotation that could be mapped to 4 buttons similar to ZAppLink (or even just a 0-360 slider).

I love this plugin!

thanks for all of your comments. I know to have a slider would be nice, but I’m not that big in making plugins. Of course, there are a couple Plugs which I made. But it tooks a lot of time to understand how to use the script commands.
Sooo, what I want to say dear Julia Davies, I got now idea how to make a slider. I’m pretty satisfied with all the angles I can use, so that I don’t want to spend more time for this plug. If is there someone who knows how to make sliders for the different angles, so let me know.
Dear Doug Jones, after the last uptate should be works eveything ok, btw. it also works without any problems on ZBrush 4R6



Hello, I’m a newbye in Zbrush.

I can’t understand the purpose of this plug in…Please, could anyone explain me a bit more which is the purpose of this plubing?.

Hmm, it is to quickly and easily switch to the named view on the buttons. The image at the top should have conveyed that information. Download it, install it, you’ll see it as indispensable. Happy ZBrushing.

is this compatible with the newer versions of zbrush?


good to hear :slight_smile: :+1:

Hey Danke Roland…
Hätte nicht gedacht das ich hier noch einen Schweizer (wie mich finde).
Cooles Feature. Danke nochmals.

Das zweite, erweiterte, ist mir persönlich fast schon zuviel des Guten. Aber wer weiss, villeicht teste ich es auch noch irgendwan.
Bin selbst erst neu in zBrush und freu mich riesig über das Programm.
Momentan bin ich daher mit der ersten Version von dir mehr als zufrieden. Hatte nämlich sowas mächtig vermisst.
In Sculptris hatte man immerhin den Z Button dafür glaubs. Das fehlte mir bei zBrush extrem.
Danke nochmals und Grüsse in ein wohlmögliches Nebenkantönchen, hier in der Schweiz.

Greets Sam from Switzerland. ;o)

thank you for this cool plugin.

Is there a way to Show, which view is active?
I would whish me a ‘Toggle’, that shows the ‘name’ of the active view.

Hallo Sam,
herzlich willkommen bei ZBrush. Ich bin schon ein Weilchen hier dabei. Viel Spass mit dieser Software.



Hello Zbrush users

here is a little new years present of mine! Some people asked me to do more angles on my Plugin. So now i made a new
extendet Version, with new button names.
The new button helps to understand on which Canvas Axis your tool it’s going to turn.

Hope you like the new version




First remove your older Version.
Just unzip the file ant put it in your startup/ plugin folder.
After starting Zbrush you will find a new subpallete " Axis Tool Position" in your toolpalette.

Here is a little update to the NEW VERSION.

Some people asked me if could toogle the button, so that you can see which position is activ.
Butt sorry , I got now idea.

Here i show a part of my commands, maybe someone can help me:

[ISubPalette,“Tool:Axis Tool Position”]

[ISubPalette,“Tool:Axis Tool Position:Axis Front Position”]
[IButton,“Tool:Axis Tool Position:Axis Front Position: FR XYZ 0”,“Front Position (by R.Kaiser)”,

So, here the update

Danke Roland Kaiser,
habe es schon installiert:-)
Trotzdem: Es wäre toll, wenn der jeweils aktive Button erkennbar/hervorgehoben wäre.

Einen guten Rutsch
Gruß in die Schweiz

Wie schon geschrieben, habe keine Ahnung wie. Hab mir das Wissen zum erstellen von Plugs selbst erlernt, bin also kein Profi, sorry

Wie schon geschrieben, habe keine Ahnung wie. Hab mir das Wissen zum erstellen von Plugs selbst erlernt, bin also kein Profi, sorry

… dann ist deine Leistung umso mehr zu würdigen.
Ein gutes neues Jahr.

Excellent too. That’s for this.

Awesome plugin, really came in handy while i was using Projection Master. :slight_smile:

thanks for the awesome plugin man!