" Axis " Plugin for ZBrush 4r2

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I hope this will help me keep hands from going everywhere on the monitor.

Edit: This is so nice!!! Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the useful tool! :smiley:

It helped me a lot, thank you!!!

Thanks, for all your nice comments.

Greets Roland

A must have! Big thanks…

Thank you so much for this plug in. I love using it. Coming from Blender, I am used to “Right” being my right and not the subtool’s right. Could you tell me how I can edit the Zscript so that I can rename the right and left buttons? I have no idea what to use to edit *.zsc files. Thanks.

You can’t edit a .zsc, however you can edit the text file that ZBrush creates that file from. I created some view buttons which are posted, feel free to grab them and edit to your liking :wink: Make sure to delete any .zsc file created as it will be run rather than the updated text file… Good luck

I put it in "X64 " but the menu doesn’t appear.

I’d guess you haven’t placed it in the correct sub folder…
Feel free to check my thread in link below post.

My mistake.!!! sorry. perfact work.^^

Im happy my plugin is still working.

Greets Roland

Great Plugin!

Thank you for this. But quick question. Is there an “undo” command? I don’t see a way to undo any of the commands/moves.


This is AMAZING! Just the exact tool I was looking for! Don’t know how I have been working for years without it, and always complaining about the few options of camera snaps. In the way of searching a solution I have also found how to change the camera according to the transpose line, another feature I didn’t know about, also very helping, but this is a true miracle for me.